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  1. Hello everybody. Ive got 2 jack 3.5 ports. Microphone and for headphones. A few month ago i damaged headphone output(just my mistake) and now it doesnt work. Laptop doesnt see connected headphones to headphone port. On my computer, i can use any port on sound card as microphone or speaker or line in. In realtek manager i can just switch. But here i cant. I downloaded old drivers from lenovo website, because on newer one, i cant run realtek manager. On microphone port i can only switch between Line In or Microphone. I dont see headphone option. Is it possible to do it?
  2. I bought this laptop mainly to use without AC power. I read a lot of opinions that this laptop can work 3-4 hours with battery power. I thought "Its really good time for laptop with two GPUs". But its limited :/ On battery power GPY stays 135mhz on core and 400mhz on memory. Its about 20% of max performance. But nobody unlocked and tested it. I opened furmark and prime95 on battery power and battery care showed that laptop uses 30 watts. My old samsung laptop uses 60watts on battery without problems. Do you know how to disable in modded/unlocked bios nvidia gpu?
  3. For me its big minus. I tested 3d benchmark in Windows 7,8, Ubuntu and Debian. The same result.(Now im using windows 7). It must be limited by bios. In my old laptop there was no difference between the battery-powered or power supply. (Pentium B970 and GT620m).
  4. Hi. I installed modded bios yesterday, because i thought there is option to unlock gpu clocks on battery power. Unfortunetly i cant find it (or there isn't). Can you help me? Y510P, 4200M, 2xGT755M.
  5. I dont see any options to unlock GPU on battery power(I have unlocked bios). Anyone know how to do this ? Second question - Should i flash ultrabay GPU? I unlocked bios yesterday but i didnt flash ultrabay GPU. What it gives for me ?
  6. finerek123

    GeForce 344.65 WHQL

    Same problem like 344.60. After 30-60 minutes playing cod advanced warfare i see message "display driver has stopped working" and "error creating 3d texture". Lenovo Y510p 2x755. Problem is only in this game :/
  7. Same problem. But i've got it only in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. I tried to run valley benchmark at night and in morning everythink worked. I will try 344.65. It must be driver problem, not hardware.
  8. finerek123

    install MacOSX

    There is no way to use onboard 755m. Without ultrabay gpu, intel hd is a main gpu and 755m is second gpu. If you havent any options in bios to disable intel hd, you cant do anything with this.
  9. 1. For me its good, medium GPU. You should run new games at medium/high settings. 2. You can buy it at Amazon or Ebay 3.You cant use Intel GPU if SLI configuration is enabled. There is no solution to enable it with SLI. If you want to use integrated GPU you need to remove second card from ultrabay, install Intel drivers and reinstall Nvidia drivers. You must do it all time if you want to use HD graphic.
  10. change to a 2960xm doesn't give too much performance in games. 2960xm is better than 2630qm only about 15-20%, but is more expensive. At first buy 2x780m and make sli configuration. Finally if you can buy 2960xm
  11. Check ram voltage . If it is beetween 1,25-1,35v you have DDR3L. If 1.5v or more - DDR3.
  12. On battery power, CPU and GPU clocks are reduced. Only on AC power you can use max performance in this laptop.
  13. Euro Truck Simulator 2 with HD mods.
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