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  1. depakjan

    Overheating MSI

    My MSI GT60 2PC is always having GPU temps like 92c to 93c even with the turbo on.... is there anything i can try other than repasting ?
  2. Hi everyone. I'm Depak from Charlotte, and I have MSI GT 60 2PC, cant wait to upgrade my BIOS !
  3. Thanks .. mine is a 1.35v ram, if i am planning to upgrade, should i definitely get a 1.35v only? or i can get a 1.5v ram as well?
  4. Best buy is selling this backpack for 9.99$ between nov 27-29 .. good deal .. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/<wbr>targus-ascend-backpack-laptop-<wbr>case-black/5570286.p?id=<wbr>1218663134264&skuId=<wbr>5570286
  5. I am planning to buy a 8gb ram. i am confused if i have DDR3 or DDR3L . I have MSI GT60 2PC( MSI Global GT60 2PC Dominator) Specifications in MSI site shows that it has a DDR3L , but HWinfo reports as a DDR3 Also i am not sure where this stock ram is installed , if i buy a 8gb module and just insert it anywhere, it will become dual channel or i have to insert it near to the stock one ? Or should i just get 2x4gb ? Basically should i care about dual channel? or i can simply ignore it?
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