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  1. Hi guys, finally i found the ultrabay gpu for my y510p. But im wonderig if the second card will work with windows 10. i remember that lenovo released a bios upgrade for win 8.1 to make that ultrabay working properly. Now, of course, i cannot use that kind of upgrade because i havent win 8.1 but win 10. So will it work in my case? Thank you for the answers Bye
  2. I have one single issue, I have turn off the laptop when the screen is in inactivity, but is a shame that Lenovo doesn't support y510p for win 10, is not so old...
  3. i've found this: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/documents/ht103611 so, according to lenovo, y510p is not fully compatible with windows 10. i cant believe it.....
  4. Ok, i hope they work quickly, because for now when the screen turn off after inactivity, I have to restart the laptop every time...
  5. Hi, sorry if I respond just now but I'm using tapatalk and I didn't get notification. So the problem seems fix now, the stress test arrive to the end whitout any problem. I cannot explain that but thank you for your answer. Bye 😊
  6. Gillis

    Gt755m ultrabay

    Someone can help me to find a gt755m ultra Bay for my y510p? I live in europe Thanks
  7. hi everybody. i tried to do the complete test with lenovo solution center for check the health of my gpu (gt755m) but when the program do the stress test i get a warning ( the result code is WVC00R000-DK7D1H) Is this a big problem?, there is another possible way to test my gpu? thank you
  8. Hi, I have issues with Intel driver after win 10 upgrade. I cannot install the last driver I think, because the last version start with 15.xxxx but the installation process keep to maintain the 10.xxxx I don't know why but now the 10.xxx version doesn't work well. How can I install the last driver? Thanks
  9. ok i solved, i return to the original version of the bios and the core now is 980 mhz; why this?
  10. hi, i dont know why but my clock speed default of geforce 755m is 1098 mhz. should not be 980 mhz? also on msi afterburner now i can overclock core speed up to 549mhz, before only up to 135 mhz why this and how i came back to normal speed? recently i have modded the bios but i have set the optimal setting with f9. thank you
  11. ok i'm solved, i have to reade at page 133 of this post, sorry and thank you very much
  12. hi i have this problem: i succesfully downgrade the bios to 2.07 but i cant boot on usb dos to flash the bios, on the boot option i dont have the usb option (i follow the step with hp software and also i have used rufus but the problem is the same) thanks for the help
  13. i try with usb linux live and i cant see nothing, when i put "try linux without installig" i have only lines on the screen and its impossible to see the desktop
  14. this may be a problem? i dont completely understand how can i do, but the fact that i dont set the full hd res with the new screen what it means?? thanks
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