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  1. Would it be smart to have an external graphics card. I only game on my laptop at home so I would like to leave the external graphics card at home. Any suggestions?
  2. I have had the same problem before and it corrected itself after I ran 'advanced system care pro.' Probably some left over unnecessary files from the previous wireless card..
  3. Thus far I have a 1 TB/25gb ssd hybrid drive, a 256 gb ssd used as a boot drive and gaming, updated wireless card to 7260 AC....just waiting to dl the bios for it.... Duel 755m graphics cards. Is there anything else that I should upgrade? Oh and 16 gb of ram
  4. 91% isopropyl alcohol should be just fine. Any stronger of a concentration could cause damage. its best to use just a dry micro fiber cloth and buff in the finger prints
  5. pick up a 2 TB external drive and you got it made!
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