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  1. Hi, Glad you got it sorted, the thought of stripping it is a bit daunting but its actually relatively easy if you take your time. Have fun with it mate Dave.
  2. finerek, Thanks very much for the reply, glad i did the right thing.... lol (more luck than judgement ) Didn't realise there was 'only' 15-20% between my 2630 and the 2960, may have to see how the 780m sli upgrade goes to see if it (cpu upgrade) justifies the expense for relatively low gains. Best regards, Dave.
  3. Hi enantiopure, Hows your project going. Would love an update with how its going etc. Best regards, Dave.
  4. lol Not very busy in here then ! Ive gone down the route of getting the first gfx card. Just waiting for it to get here. Hoping my upgrade goes as smooth as most peoples has Regards, Dave.
  5. Hi All, My names Dave. Registerd to find a bit more info on upgrading my m18x prior to starting. Im located in the UK, into computers and other stuff the wife hates. Thanks for looking, Dave.
  6. Hi All, Firstly, thanks for looking I have a bit of a quandary, i have an M18x R1 currently fitted with 580sli and a 2630qm. I am in the process of upgrading my system but just wondered if im doing this the right way. End game should read along the lines of 780m sli and 2960xm but i will have to do this a component at a time. Now, should i upgrade to a single 780m first, then sli and finally 2960xm ? I play a few games, mainly Dayz SA and ARMA3 but not a 'hard core' gamer. Any and all help/opinions greatly appreciated. Regards, Dave.
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