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  1. My Laptop is protect with BIOS password and My password forget.
  2. Hi there Please help. How should the flashbacks BIOS without entering the BIOS on my laptop? Thank you
  3. Hi there Can someone help me? A question. When the BIOS is protected by password, what should go into it and the flashbacks to downgrade enabled. TNX
  4. Hello I downgrade file to run and I get this error. However, I must say that as far as I remember, is part of the flashbacks in the BIOS disabled AND Now my password on the BIOS because I am not able to access this section.
  5. emreh

    install MacOSX

    Hi My English is poor and I am sorry to here from you. Want to ask a question about installing Mac OS X on my Lenovo y510p laptop. How can I put the laptop on Linux and Windows and Mac as well as our installation work with them. Thank you
  6. hello I Forget password bios. how to find Bios Password Without open laptop. My laptop is Lenovo Y510P. Tnx.
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