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  1. Asus N55SF i7 2630QM GT555M 2GB Corsair Vengeance DDR 8 GB RAM
  2. Do you have a Desktop or a Laptop, for a laptop 80 degrees is acceptable since, laptops tend to be hot. I had a laptop (Asus N55SF) aswell with high temperature issues. How I fixed this was to dissemble my laptop and cleaned all the dust inside. What I found out was that the thermal paste was already dried, so no wonder it couldn't cool. Applied new thermal paste (arctic silver 5) and my problem was solved.
  3. You should aim for USB 3.0 it is wayyyy faster than 2.0, the speed is almost double-ed from my experience. Yesterday I bought an Enclosure of the brand Ewent. No problems so far and pretty satisfied!
  4. I've got this same problem aswell, I almost tried everything to it. I will try a last attempt to overvolt my videocard before I brick this laptop ;D
  5. EaTpOo

    Anime discussion

    Fairy Tail aired again!!!!~
  6. Going Quantum 129, I really like these mixes ;D
  7. EaTpOo


    I do play aion, it is a good game in my opinion. unfortunately Gameforge fused with NCsoft which leads to more server lag in europe ><
  8. I got the Samsung SSD 840 EVO, quite happy with it. No negatives yet
  9. EaTpOo

    IC Diamond vs AS5

    I've tried Gelid GC Extreme and AS5. Out my experience, the AS5 work better, maybe I did not apply the GC Extreme very well, should have tested some more.
  10. Hey, I'm from Holland, I need 5 post to download N55SF GT555M vbios. Tyvm,
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