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  1. Hi. Sorry for the visual overload but I figured as much information as possible would help. When I start playing games the GPU core clock starts at 745 MHz then drops to 600-660 MHz about two minutes or so in and stutters to death with loud buzzing sounds. Temperatures are usually about 80C so I can't think of a cause for this. I dunno what to do, anybody know what is wrong? Thanks. When I tried the game of my HD 4000 graphics which has a clock of 650 MHz it was going as high as 1150 MHz. I dunno what that means either.
  2. Sorry, I read the rules a little late. I was inquiring to see if you had the original vbios for Dell Inspiron 7720 SE Nvidia GT 650m Gddr5 2GB. I figure this is the wrong place for that, if so my bad. I can't give you mine since I am asking for the original, I think I ruined the integrity of mine. My card doesn't even show up in windows any more, either it isn't booting any more or uefi has detected the anomaly and is rejecting it. In any case I searched the web but can't find it so I am asking you ', if by some miracle you do have it can you also tell me the procedure to flashing it, standard bios update are simple point and click but I have never flashed a vbios before. Thanks. I use a windows 8 64 bit system, in case that matters. Never mind, Dell have fixed my problem with the A16 Bios update, seems this was their fault. And I just learned that the Bios and vBios for laptops are the same file. Thanks though, its been 5 months but my PC is finally back.
  3. My laptop does not detect the nvidia GPU any longer, could this have anything to do with the vBIOS and is there any hope that flashing it will fix my problem? I am prepared to take risks within reason, if I can't get the GPU to work then it might as well burn, its a Gt 650m on a 7720 17r.
  4. So I wanted to know, does taking out my CMOS clear all bios updates or does it just get rid of my personal settings?
  5. Hi, Does the 17r SE 7720 with the GT 650m GDDR5 support optimus technology? And is it expected to be in there already or does it not matter, I have tried everything, done a factory reinstall of windows and all, my system used to run Bioshock and Tomb Raider type games with the much complete ease after attempting to switch to windows 7 to play shogun 2 and manually installing drives I cannot even play Dishonored anymore, I have since returned to the windows 8 64 bit that came with my system and all the packaged drives but this problem persists, it makes loud buzzing noises and stutters almost to a complete halt. I've uninstalled the video card reinstalled it and everything. I am out of ideas, please help.
  6. Is it possible to move windows to the mSATA drive, I tried installing windows 7 on my system but that proved impossible, something to do with uefi. If I cannot boot from the sata there's no point getting one, would be helpful if I could get a few tips.
  7. lol, I've been wondering what the hell went wrong with my pc, mistakenly flashing it to A08 a month ago is what screwed me? sigh, if only I had access to the CMOS so I can clear memory and return it to A03. I haven't been able to game over the past month.
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