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  1. Try flashing the stock bios then mine. Since you had xonar ones, maybe it didn't flash at all. The ones i sent to you are based on xonar's bios. He stated somewhere in his thread that sometimes the bios won't flash with the same image.
  2. If you flashed the bios i sent to you, even if you reset it, the legacy boot is enabled. It is enabled by default. Have you tried the vga out?
  3. It had a green full screen? Didn't show anything else?
  4. I dont recommend flashing any vbios. You need to read first wich ones are recommended. I didnt need to flash any vbios. I just changed the boot option and it worked fine, thats why i told you to try and reset the bios to the default settings. Sometimes its the only thing you need to do.
  5. Try reseting the bios before flashing the vbios. modified vbios
  6. From my experience. You only need to change the boot settinh in the bios. From efi-compatible to legacy, and it will work fine. Mine is a dell one with .22 vbios. Not a single issue. I don't think you need to flash the vbios. You need to access the bios settings and change the boot, or, flash a bios image with the right settings if you can't access the bios settings. Maybe you already have it set for legacy boot and the card will work out of the box.
  7. I doubt, you need a working graphic card. But, if you can blind flash the bios even with the efi boot set, you can flash a bios with the right settings. That's what i was thinking.
  8. Well, i could get you my bios image. With the settings i use, it has the legacy boot as default if you need to reset the bios. It also has an updated version of the rapid storage rom. Based on Xonar unlocked bios for gt683r. Is your a msi branded or a barebone?
  9. From http://forum.techinferno.com/msi/3345-dell-7970m-msi-gx660-2.html
  10. I have a 7970m .22 vbios working on my gt683. And the card has uefi. I just had to change one setting in the bios. One that lets you choose the priority between efi-compatible and legacy rom. I use xonar's unlocked bios, and it is in advanced, then the first option in the menu, and then is the first setting. You just have to change from "efi-compatible" to "legacy rom". If you have the option.
  11. kaldra

    gt683 bios defaults

    Anyone know if it is possible to change the gt683r bios default values? If is possible anyone knows how? I just need to change one value so if i have to reset the bios the pc still boots. Thanks
  12. I got these ones running. They are 1866MHz but are running at 1600MHz. I tried the upper speed but the system gets a bit unstable. I could change the speed thanks to Xonar and his unlocked bios. So, i assume i cant get the 1866MHz working with the i7 2630qm. And at the moment i have 16gb 1600MHz running amazing.
  13. Well, i was looking in the thread and Xonar said: So i assume we can use faster ram than the stock ones. And the user ma®ximum is using a ram similar to what i want: I was looking for this ones, but i don't know if they are compatible with the gt683r. Anyones knows?
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