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  1. what about crucial m4? i still confusing between these brands, what i need is stability and performance, and a little tight budget though
  2. same thought! but somehow i can't get any R2 board to swap with my R1 board... wondering if anyone doing this already
  3. Been using this for around half year, and been thinking what brand of SSD should i use? I've surf around the net and stated that some of the users may face boot/startup problem or even BSOD when fit in secondary ssd. this is my first time of using SSD, and samsung/intel caught my attention since many people recommend them in terms of stability and performance. Though ssd just work at sata 2 speed in m14 r1, but i saw the solutions in here which able to make the SSD work at sata 3 speed. Looking at the ssd read/write running at SATA 3 speed, it really make me cant wait to get one as i was using a 1TB 5400rpm HDD(takes 1-2 minutes boot up time). But i don't wanted to get my laptop into troubles after installing 1, any recommend/advise are appreciate, thanks!
  4. I was told by the dell's technician that the r2 board wasn't able to fit in r1 model, is there anyone can prove this is wrong?
  5. Off topic: Sorry for resurrect this topic, but i having lag spike(1-3seconds) while gaming in full screen 1600x900 which occurs for every 1-2 minutes gameplay , i wonder if OC gt555m will solve this problem, not to mention the temperature is the problem as my gpu temp was around 69c and also thinking that 1TB 5400rpm HDD causing these lag, i need advise
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