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  1. I own an old Gateway laptop that I would like to give to a friend, but I cannot pass it on with a consistent error that has been bothering me. I can not determine what brings about this error because it happens so randomly. I will see what looks like little tears across the screen, and then the screen will go blank, and when it returns I get a notification that "NVIDIA driver nvlddmkm has stopped working but has recovered." What brings about this error? I have reinstalled the video drivers and reinstalled the operating system but nothing has made this problem go away.
  2. Currently I have Half Life 2 and both episodes installed on my computer, as well as Portal and Team Fortress 2. When I play Garry's Mod, I can play with my computer running smoothly (Alienware m14x-r2) but the game will always freeze after about 20 minutes of gameplay, regardless of what I am doing, and regardless of whether or not the computer is plugged in to power. Is this issue with the game installation, or with Garry's Mod itself? Or could it perhaps be a problem with one of my drivers?
  3. Ive recently purchased an Optoma HD131Xe for a home theatre system in my fraternity house. We've been using it recently to play rockband and there has been absolutely no problem with any delay. Overall the picture is absolutely beautiful and I was able to pick it up from amazon for $750. This is the first projector that I've bought so I don't have much of a comparison but I have been thrilled with how well it ended up looking
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