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  1. Did you try it under compatibility mode?
  2. From BIOS you can see the version or from dxdiag under "System" tab in System Information it says the BIOS version
  3. Does anyone know which card should I go with when I want to get OSX compatibility also? Is it the Killer wireless card? Thanks in advance.
  4. I have this http://www.amazon.com/Razer-BlackWidow-Chroma-Mechanical-Keyboard/dp/B00MTWV0II/?tag=bom_tomsguide-20&ascsubtag=[site|tguus[cat|[art|[pid|B00MTWV0II[tid|14258683563845991[bbc|LEPRIX and they are incomparable, this vs Lenovo keyboard which is great also. Maybe it's me, but I got a lot better precision while using mechanical over a membrane one, the one I have is ofcourse really expensive, I would look to cheaper SteelSeries alternatives they tend to be great
  5. I would check the drivers, they might be outdated. I would clean everything with it first Display Driver Uninstaller Download version and then reinstall the display drivers, I've gpt fps boosts doing so, but yeah that also could be bad optimisation by the game devs.
  6. I would recommend going with Alienware, because of it's cooling is great, performance is stunning and best looking also, yes it's pricey but you wont regret
  7. Hi, I'm Henry, I love technology, I also contribute to the xda-developers forum by porting various things, I'm 20 years old poor university student When I was young (10 y.o) I started disassembling electronic things and fixed them by myself, when I turned 17 I started learning software development and porting was a big hobby for me, I've created like 20 posts, but none of them are approved yet...Hopefully that will be solved very soon Cheers!
  8. Could be a fake one, try to boot to linux, is it the same? That's nonsense that you won't get 1920x1080 option on a 1080p display panel...
  9. Same here, dropping constantly... Rollbacked to the older driver and I don't experience it that much anymore. What Wi-Fi cards you guys prefer, which one have OSX compatibility also?
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