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  1. Have you tried blowing out the dust from the fan exhaust? I usually do this once every month or so on all of my machines.
  2. Sorry for the late response, dcool45. Yeah, I would like to get something else, like 7260 AC. Just realized that the stupid BT adapter in the Centrino Wireless-N 2230 sucks as well... can connect to the BT soundbar only in stereo 2.1 mode... My Android and Apple devices don't have this problem... Really getting frustrated, thought Lenovo was better than that...
  3. Don't know if this helps, but perhaps these instructions will work: Y500: SLI is not working after Windows 8.1 upgrade - Lenovo Community
  4. I don't understand how the heck Lenovo is able to get away with this. Between disabling the WiDi capabilities, and black-listing wireless cards, this behavior should be illegal.
  5. I've had the Y500 for a bit over a year, and WiFi was always crappy with the Centrino Wireless N-2230. But lately, it went to another level of "crappy"... Every 10-15 minutes, the WiFi connection drops. And it's only on this laptop. Right next to it I have an aging Dell laptop and its connection isn't dropping... Other devices aren't losing the connection, when Y500 does. The drivers are latest from Intel. I am on Win 8.1 Pro - 64-bit. Did anyone experience these intermittent WiFi drop issues?
  6. Thank you so much for that information. I wish I saw this about an hour ago, when I was looking for the list of the "approved" cards... I just spent about 45 minutes trying to get that information, first talking to the tech-support, who transferred me to sales, who transferred me back to tech support. And tech support was saying that they only have single-band cards that only operate in 2.4Ghz spectrum...
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