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  1. I see... Thanks alot. I think ill be getting the y510p then
  2. Hi guys, i'm deciding to buy a new laptop since the current one I have is a vaio VGN-CR-xxxx 2007 model, so my choices have left me with MSI gx60-3be a10-5750m/8970m or the lenovo y510 i7-4700mq 750m SLI The one grabbing my attention is the MSI due to the overall build quality/quick command buttons/good thermal design /KILLER GAMING WIFI! But apparently tons and tons of people are saying msi gx60 3be is horrid due to the APU? Don't get me wrong, I'm just a hardcore league player so it wouldn't matter to me, but does it really bottleneck the laptop that much? I do video rendering and editing and just some simple games such as elsword, maplestory, league of legends, dota2. Would it be worth it to get this laptop? I was looking around for the past week and alot of people said y510p has extremely bad heat problems due to the chassis being made for a 650m sli configure and not a 750. They say it gets so hot it under clocks to like a 365Mhz? That scares me, but being said those problems are only found in a crazy game such as crysis 3, far cry. Will it happen if I league? I'm just looking for a laptop that can run league 1080p ultra with 60 frames + and apparently they say the y510p can top that easy whereas the msi gets a 45 fps??? Sometimes even a 20-35 fps rate. Really worried how to spend my money since I only have on choice and one only, no refund available. In my serious opinion i would get y510p but I keep looking msi for the quick launch buttons/killer wifi/epic gpu/good range of ports/the annoying ports are actually at the back! i've also heard of alot of complaints when it comes to lenovo's y510p wireless, the Centrino 2230? People say it disconnects automatically alot. And I would not want this during a league of legends game, whereas MSI advertises a killer gaming wifi. Some people say its just a marketing scam but after some research I found killer wifi to be good but excellent but good. Can anyone tell me if the Lenovo is really worth getting?? MSI GX60 (YES ITS A 60 NOT 70 the 15" screen) A10-5750 (????) Radeon 8970m (OHHHHH) 750GB 7,200RPM 8 GB DDR (1slot) Killer gaming Windows 8 3 USB 3.0 1 USB 2.0 (2 HDD slots) LENOVO (y510p) i7-4700MQ Nvidia gt 750m SLI 1TB 5,400 RPM + 8GB SSHD (Hybrid drive..) Centrino 2230 Windows 8 2 USB 3.0 1 USB 2.0 (1 HDD Slot) I am mainly a mediocre gamer! (I like multiplayer) -Leauge of Legends -Elsword -Left for Dead CO OP -Maplestory -Portal gun -Minecraft -Crysis?? -Tomb Raider Useless info : Currently using Vaio VGN-CR35S.. thats Centrino T8100 DUO / ATI x2300 (Such a junky one lol) 2007 model 14" looking to replace this junk~ xD
  3. There are alot of factors to know as to why laptops get so hot some being -Dust THIS BUGGER clogs your vents and prevents air flow from moving in or out so I recommend you clean that out asap -Thermal Paste as you've said you've already repasted it so no worries there -Room temperature one of the main parts to cooling a laptop.... If your room is above 25*c expect a hot laptop... -Cooling fans this may sound simple as hell but when using cooling fans I really recommend you open tue maintenance hatch to the laptop, instead of blowing on the case, you actually cool the coper heat-sinks, with older laptops they tend to heat up much much much much faster and idles at very high temps...my 6 year old laptop will blow itself up without a cooling pad, and whats even more funny is that even with a cooling pad it over heats, this forced me to leave the maintenance hatch open and vola.. Fixed the problem -Quality of the fan, have you checked that it is spinning at its greatest rpm? And that its still healthy? A slow spinning fan wont help.
  4. So currently I'm looking to get a new laptop preferably a gaming one due to the performance on those monsters, I mainly play LoL, dota 2, l4d, crysis 3, tomb raider etc. I have narrowed my list down to 2 different types of laptops but before you know them can someone answer me if a refurbished laptop is worth it? I see brand new Alienware 18s for 2.5k and refurbished ones for 1.6k this being the Alienware 18 2013 model.. Alienware 18 2013 (refurbished 1.6k) i7 4700 Nvidia 765x SLI 1080p Clevo p157sm (brand new 1.5k) i7 4700 nvidia 765 1080p Im also crazy about looks of a laptop I usually aim for the stealthy looking ones :/ asus g750jw.... But that has no access to the internals so scrap that idea. Out of those two laptops which is the better one for me? Thanks alot
  5. Logitech g700s for sure... Its a rechargeable USB wireless mouse. You'll never have to replace the batteries just plug it in by usb and charge it up, you can even use it in USB mode to save the battery.
  6. Have you tried turning in the fan by itself and putting your hand over it? Just to check how good the air flow is, because most cooling pads are so derpedly manufactured they don't realise to get a high air flow the pad cant be adjacent to the table. Try holding the pad in the air and turning it on, if you still feel no air rushing through that... Its definitely the RPM and how the fan grills are made. but tbh that fan set up looks over killed, I think you only problem is where those fans are getting their air from.. Also take into consideration if your room temp is hot that isn't gonna help much, best of luck
  7. I would buy the Alienware 18 2013 model with maxed out specs just because -its a great gaming laptop (desktop replacement) -very serviceable -decent cooling system (hot air vented out the back and not into your hands) -they finally friken moved to the matte screen (no more GLARE AHA) but if Alienware is too overrated I would go with Clevo 780 sli or the MSI gs70 stealth
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