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  1. Is there a manual that shows how to replace the back lid on the new Phoenix laptop? My unit came scratched and the reseller had Sager drop ship a lid to me. Thanks!
  2. Lots to read through and Im behind so I apologize. What is a good stable driver now for the 18xr2 with 780m's? Also a .inf file for the 780m's? Thanks!
  3. thanks guys. I assume I can use either one on my two Dell 680m's...??? I will look at what bios is on them when I get a chance before flashing them.
  4. Cab anyone please tell me the difference between: Dell 680m - 80.04.5B.00.02_'OCedition'_revised_00 and Dell 680m -'OCedition'_revised_00 And I guess the other variants 1000-1050? Thank you!
  5. Thank you. I still don't see the cable on their site and the screen is out of stock. Ill email them. Appreciate you getting the info for me.
  6. The links in the original post for the panel and the extension cable aren't working. Anyone have any current links and or places to get them extension cable and panel?
  7. Hey tbonesan.. I got your PM's just before the site went down on the other forums. Shoot me a email please pathfindercod at charter dot net so we can finish up the stuff, thanks!
  8. Whats the latest nvflash? I downloaded the one form the link in the first post and it says newer version needed to flash my video card.
  9. I need to know what light gaming is for you. Light gaming as in solitare and minecraft or light gaming as in 30 minutes of Battlefield 3 or COD here and there? I have a 15" Retina Macbook pro. You can not play a light game of Battlefield 3 on it, it just runs to hot and locks up. I love my Mac and use it for photography. Yeah you get sub-par hardware compared to a mid-level to high-level windows machine. The beauty or the Mac and OSX is Apple controls every aspect of it, updates of hardware and software. Simply it all just works . Its nice getting os update, firmware and drivers all at one touch of a button and it just works. That being said, I moved to Mac's when Vista came out. I built a $3500 gaming PC with Vista and it ran like CRAP! Looked at a Mac at the Apple store and said forget it and sold the PC and moved on. I missed gaming overtime and really wanted to get back into gaming so i had no real choice but to get another PC. Hate windows 8 as much as i did vista. Windows 8 is worse than the combination of Windows Millenium and Vista combined! So i built my desktop with windows 7 and made sure to choose a manufacturer that allows the purchase of windows 7 still. Mac's do what they are designed to do VERY WELL. Less maintenance and "tweaking". I have a 17" macbook pro I use for work. Bought it new in 2009 and it is still running the same hardware, newest OS and has never been reloaded. Just upgraded. Runs like new.
  10. What motherboard do you have? Is the sound not performing to your liking? On my Asus Formula V the supreme fx sound card that is suppose to be good, was horrible in my opinion. If your not a heavy OC person the stock cooling is just fine on the 780, however playing games or whatever with crappy sound ruins the whole experience in my opinion. So unless your having overheating issues i would say sound card. But i have always been OCD for good sound. Been putting addin cards since the early 90's... BTW, I also have the Phoebus. I was hesitant because all the issue over on the rog.asus forums. But i decided to do it anyway and have 0 regrets it is an absolute amazing sound card.
  11. You probably have to disable secure boot in the bios to allow legacy devices to boot (if you have windows 8). This is so you can make the USB drive boot.
  12. I have 3 of the 24" versions on my desktop and absolutely love them. It is like looking at a CRT monitor.
  13. Great build! For a budget build so to speak I think the 670 or 770 GPU's are great performers for the $ and a good bit less than the 6/780's.. Great thing is a good solid foundation (psi, mb, cpu etc) you can always just upgrade gpu a couple generations before needing to upgrade anything else.
  14. I built this machine about 4 months ago. Pretty happy with it. Not sure what my next project will be. I had a horrible time getting decent sound out of the "Supreme Sound card" on the Maximus Formula for my Tiamat 7.1 headphones so i added the Phoebus 7.1 sound card down between the video cards. Works well and did not mess with card temps any. Thinking about going full blown water in this XB case for the CPU, the maximus tubes built in and video cards. Might be a tight fir but may be fun to do. What do you guys think? Asus Maximus Formula V z77 chipset i7-3770k Cooler Master Seidon 240m water cooler 16gm ripjaw 2133 ram 2 x Samsung 840 pro 256gb SSD (Raid 0) 2 x Mushkin Chronos deluxe ssd in raid 0 as d drive 2 x EVGA Classified GTX 680 video card with addon backplates Asus Xonar Phoebus highend 7.1 addin sound crd (sandwhiched between video cards) liteon 12x blue ray burner liteon 24x dvd burner Cooler master Haf XB case Cooler master silent hybrid 1300watt PSU
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