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  1. Hey guys, Sorry I am new to all of this. Just want to know will this: NVIDIA GTX 700 series - modified VBIOS Work on my MSI GTX 780 Reference design? With liquid cooling ofc.
  2. They didn't have the window in stock when I bought the case And it is so expensive to ship one all the way here to South Africa...
  3. Well from going from a Sound Card to not having one, especially with my Sennheiser PC 360's it feels like it is lacking that punch in the bass and the highs aren't as sharp as I am used to, and it is bothering me. Think I'll probably go with the sound card, my graphics card isn't over heating and I can still run my games on High and stuff without it getting too hot.
  4. I want your guys opinion because I am torn in two, I can either get liquid cooling for my GTX 780 or I can get a Xonar Phoebus. What should I rather get because I am torn in two, I had a Essence ST, but it doesnt fit in this Motherboard so thats my dilemma...
  5. New here, thought I'd come and post my rig for you guys to see, nothing special, paint mod and some cool lighting. Just want to get a liquid cooler for my GPU (GTX 780), since my CPU already has an H100i. Specs: CPU: i5-4670K 4,5Ghz GPU: MSI GTX 780 (Reference) Motherboard: MSI Z87 MPower PSU: Corsair TX850 Memory: Corsair Vengeance Pro (1866Mhz) Bluray Drive: LG BD Rewriter Case: Cooler Master Storm Trooper (Paint Mod) Lighting: NZXT blue sleeved lighting kit 2m HDD 1: Seagate 1TB HDD2: Seagate 500GB Pics of the build:
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