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  1. My m17x is in the same boat, I have an R3 with 120hz LCD. From what I've seen it will work fine, but 3d vision will not since there is a check done somewhere between the bios, GPU, and drivers that determines if your combination of hardware will support 3d vision. It's the same situation with the 120hz R3 and the 680m, a petition was sent to Dell but no action was ever taken.
  2. Ryan Smith at Anandtech actually did an in depth analysis on this, I recommend taking a look. AnandTech | AMD Frame Pacing Explored: Catalyst 13.8 Brings Consistency to Crossfire I'm pretty unbiased toward nVidia and AMD. I have an m17x with 580m and m18x with 580m sli (soon to be 780m sli), and two self built desktops with 3x MSI Lightning 6970s in trifire and 2x Diamond 5870s in xfire respectively. I've had multi card issues with both nVidia and AMD, with AMD being more annoying to deal with (micro stutter, Crysis 3 tessellation issues etc). I've always supported the underdog though.
  3. Keep in mind that companies often take another companies existing reference design and rebrand them as their own (pre-Dell Alienware). In these cases any design flaws aren't typically the fault of the advertising company. In my case I've actually had better luck with MSI than ASUS. Different people will have different experiences with a product and it's support based on their level of knowledge and their social demeanor when interacting with support.
  4. Does it give you any issues in a less stressful environment such as web browsing? Under what games does this happen, and does your laptop seem to be running hot? I've seen some poor heatsink installations, yours may need a do-over.
  5. Minimalist, show desktop icons = off
  6. Was very good actually. I'm hopeful that a movie will soon come to fruition, the Halo universe is just too rich to let an opportunity like that pass.
  7. Helpful tip: if you are looking at an apartment, run a wifi scan during a showing. People often vent their frustrations via SSID.
  8. Could also be a part that just met the minimum requirements for its bin. I for example have 3 6970s in my desktop, 2 of which hit 1GHz core and 1 which wont go 15mhz past stock.
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