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  1. I didn't disable the onboard sound because I didn't see an option for it in my bios. I do have the modified A12. What does disabling the sound do? Also, my clock is 771MHz not 850 like yours. Why is that?
  2. I followed all the steps and it was a BREEZE~ Installed the card, the modified drivers installed with no issues. Working 780m on a Alienware m17x R3~!! (non 3D)
  3. Turns out they sent me a 680m by mistake so that's why all those 780m steps didn't work lol.... well I just got my 780m today and will try to do everything again. Will post details when finished. Wish me luck~
  4. Help! Everything boots up okay but it will not install the NVIDIA drivers! In BIOS it detects it as NVIDIA GFX, I've already loaded optimal defaults, set display to PEG, disabled IGD, and tried with the modified .ini of retail drivers 320.49. I run the setup and it cannot detect compatible hardware. It just stays at "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter". I'm running Windows 8 Pro.
  5. Ok...well instead of waiting for 5 posts, I just made a donation. I've followed all the steps and used the modified .ini file with the official 320.49 drivers but it still cannot detect my card? What am I missing? I've already set as PEG, disabled IGD......
  6. I've just installed a GTX780m into my M17x R3 but the modified drivers provided by eurocom is not detecting my new card. I would like to try it with J95's .ini but I cannot download it since I'm new. So I gotta get to 5 posts. Sorry if I am highjacking your thread . ....
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