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  1. Is this just a stupid thought, or would it somehow work? The main reason is to achive flashing lights on the KLM utility.
  2. Martin here! Im a computer entusiast from the northen part of Sweden. Recently bought a gaming laptop and was curious, about how to exceed the default clock. So after some google'ing I found this neat looking forum. Which turned out to be a really nice place to hangout! with nice people
  3. I was over at a friends house this other day, and he got this complete silent desktop pc, making me wanna get rid of my noisy MSI ASAP! However I found out that you can get very bearable levels, only by adjusting the energy schedule really. After all this 1 week after my purchase, im getting a new perspective of laptops in general, thinking I might never go back to desktops really! The benefit of carrying your machine around at light weight is great aswell as the performance, which today is very equal to high end desktop pc's.
  4. Yes you got a good point, since there will allways be individuals having some sort of dissatisfaction with a brand. Im just hoping that I made the right choice to stick with MSI Got the feeling after some google research, that MSI in general had a slight bad reputation by its name...
  5. From several sources having problems with the MSI brands, and communication with support in general. I really cannot see that MSI would "stink" in any way? Im refering to this site mostly: MSISTINKS.COM This guy has had the most worst experiance by all means from a company this big. However he got a great compensation in the end. So guys! Are you happy with your MSI systems? I bought a gt70 0ne lately and the only thing really bothers me, is the fans which are loud as hell when speeding up! So anyway, please share your thoughts/stories of MSI
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