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  1. Hey I have a problem with my GPU when i run my r3 on the battery i can run a game for hours but as soon as i plug the power cable in i get about 2mins if that then it completly locks up and restarts with 6 beeps if it happens more than once. Any suggestions? thanks
  2. Hey guys I was just curios to see if its worth while upgrading to 7970 instead of 675? also from what i've read it sud be a straight plug in and play job after removing drivers. Oh am also aware amd cards use different brackets. Thanks p.s is ebay the only good place to look? :chuncky:
  3. i have the r3 but neva had SATA issuses so i cant help but i am running on the a10 and have nvidia gpu havent noticed any differents i gotta say :S
  4. on load it's 74mhz i think haha used GPU-z to log the settings in battery mode GPU-Z Sensor Log1.txt hope this helps
  5. Hey i un-installed and reinstalled i now have access to the software XD thanks guys
  6. i'll give that ago thanks svl7
  7. yea that's what i was referring to haha thinks mw86
  8. Hi all quick question am i supposed to have sound software for the IDT Audio Control Panel? everytime i try to load it i get a pop up saying .startup not found? pic below M17xR3 Black i7-2760QM @ 2.40GHz BIOS A09 8.00GB RAM Crucial Vengance GTX 580M
  9. yea lovin it XD thanks mw86 i also found out that the in built mics effect the sound when games run due to the windows damping sounds thing/setting if that makes any sense hope this helps anyone else having this problem XD
  10. hey all iam currently a student in the uk doing Hons applied computing XD

    Just joined the alienware family after years of buying cheap laptops haha

  11. I can confirm that when in AC GPU runs @ 620mhz As soon as it goes into battery it drops to 74mhz :'( hope this helps?
  12. wow thanks for interest erm they run at 71mhz i think i will confirm later XD
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