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  1. Congrats. Wish I had been more of a PC tech like you all. Really cool prizes. Can't wait to see the build. sent from my GN4 N910T 4.4.4 stock rooted
  2. Hey been real busy. Finally got a galaxy note! Its the 8.0 wifi version. Love this tablet. Drawing in photoshop is a dream come true. Can't wait to see how they update it. I hear 4.2.2 is coming soon. Well will post some images if people want to see how an 8 inch tablet could be a dream come true for an artist. Later Scott Sent from my GT-N5110 using Tapatalk HD
  3. Want to have a little fun with people, either by creating a wifi hotspot with your mobile device or even your home wifi, change the SSID to something like DEA or FBI or even something really funny (which I can't come up with right now). I have mine changed to DEA taskforce and we live in an area that will get younger adult/teens to find it while they visit the library. Going to see how long before rumors start that the DEA is in town. Post funny names or if you go mobile a funny story of what you changed it to and the reaction of people around you. My tablet will do hotspots so I am going to try this at public wifi spots from now on and I hope I can do the same with a galaxy note 2 could be so much fun. Sent from my Customized Transformer TF300T using TapaTalk HD
  4. We have a laptop just not clue what games it can play. Have been looking to see if with tweaks i can play planetside 2 but don't think so. Will look at the laptop and see what it can handle which I don't have much hope for it LOL. If some of the beta testing goes good I could end up with a job well at least one that if I save over the summer I could have a gaming machine. wish me luck! Sent from my ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T using Tapatalk HD
  5. I will be doing some beta testing with the Note 2 so we will need a new thread LOL. Can't say what I will be testing just yet but its going to be cool if it works. Also I play a few games like NFS most wanted on my tablet and it connects to the game service from battlefield 3. can't think of what its called without looking but there were a few people playing Most wanted I could see there race times. When it comes to games on android I am starting to play them all at least the action type games maybe soon some good FPS multi players will come out. have read a few are coming down the line. Android is going to explode in the gaming market with the new consoles and games coming out this summer. maybe we can all try one of the multi-player FPS games. Well testing day so will be workin most o f the day if i don't brink my tablet LOL Sent from my ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T using Tapatalk HD
  6. Hello people, I know I keep poping on here and saying I am going to stick around. Well between Wifey finally have her back surgery and that go very well and me becoming sick I have not really been online chatting these days. I am getting better but still having a very hard time eating solid food and most times am sleeping since I have no energy at all. I have been beta testing 5-6 different android ROMs Kernels and mods and a few games and have been really busy with that. All that hard work is starting to pay off though as I have grabbed some attention as a tester and might just end up with a very low paying job from it but its the advance use of hardware and android that I am after more then pay. Currently running an Asus Transformer Pad TF300T with dock/keybaord. I am running a 1.6GHz OC an highly moded version of droid called CROMI-X 4.3 and love it. its like a netbook but with the coolness of android. Wifey and I are getting Galaxy Note 2 phones real soon an once I do that I will be more active here I hope as I won't be flashing ROMs and kernels all the time on that phone. Really miss gaming with all you guys but hope soon to start working on a new M17x or another laptop like it so I can play some games and not be grumpy all the time when I scew up my tablet LOL. Well I have tapatalk HD so if anyone says hi I will get it. Hope everyone enjoyed there 4-20-2013 I know we did. Well hope your all doing great and I look forward to one day being apart of the inferno game team again. See you all around HOOAH Sent from my ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T using Tapatalk HD
  7. The new UI is total crap to me. got it pre-installed on my new laptop and couldn't stand it after 5 mins. Granted it might be faster etc but if I wanted that interface I would stick with android over that mega start menu ugly what ever they call it. On a tablet or touch screen I can see that being good but a normal laptop NO thanks. Plus I didn't want to spend hours cleaning off all the crap they put on it to start with. It also didn't look like having 3-5 open apps at once was going to be as easy. oh an I HATE the cloud. and it asking me to sign into an account to use my computer NO freaking way. Security risks there are beyond what MS can handle. just looked at a full review with screen shots an all I can say is a bullet in the head would be preferred over windows 8.
  8. Anyone know of a trustworthy site that I could sell digital art or prints and if I display it on there site it won't get stolen and claimed by others? I tried this many years ago and well a guy in another country copied about 30 of my images and made about 40k US dollars off my work. I tried to take legal action but 2 countries, 2 lawyers etc etc I couldn't afford it and after 2 years just wasn't worth the hassle. I know my work sells as I had like 5 different prints made up and sold out at a silent action a few years ago. I want to sell prints or digital copies so that I can afford the tools to start making more art. I so want the galaxy note 10.1 for drawing with Photoshop and another alienware to handle the uber renders I create for spacescapes. So been burned bad trying to sell online but willing to try again. So please suggest sites if you know them or someone who has used one. I know the most popular but its to easy to just copy images off most of them. Thanks in advance. P.S. Yes I have no job and limited income (retired Army SSG) so keep that in mind LOL.
  9. hmmm Movies have seen wow that a pretty big list LOL Amazing Spider Man Hunger Games Skyfall Battleship Avengers Ice Age 4 Men in Black 3 John Carter Premium Rush The Bourne Legacy well thats a few I have seen in the past month or so LOL
  10. Even as far north as central New Hampshire had 40-50mph winds, Wifey and I had to pick up parts that flew off our roof. The strange part New England had a small earthquake now a superstorm. Wondering what winter will bring.
  11. been reading forums an see high end systems with issues an low specs doing fine an everything in between. I seriously think there are some problems with the game code or something on their end. I will be finding out more when I get my system. an if all else fails the ultrabook will give me another trade up.
  12. thats strange the specs say much less gpu is needed. they also claim its more cpu then gpu. will find out more monday I guess. I will set graphics to lowest if need be. I loved this game an will play lol. If I get lucky in the next month or so my bank problems will be fixed an I can finally order another m14 or 17. - - - Updated - - - http://wiki.planetside-universe.com/ps/PlanetSide_2 this is the link to the specs will look for better source - - - Updated - - - been reading an find major issues no matter the specs so I think there's a app issue at this point.
  13. the game is officially released as of a few days ago. trading in my galaxy tab for a i3 ultrabook which can play this. I will be on the game most of the time an will update here with my game info. Should be playing by monday or tues. the latest.
  14. Anyone playing the beta, so want to play this I can almost smell the combat.
  15. OK this is totally offensive to me!!!!! They didn't cover the religion of boobs!!!! oh wait that means its not bullsh it so never mind LMFAO I have a few people I would love to show this too LOL
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