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  1. Isn't it true that glossy gives a more sharper image/clear image? Whereas matte gives a more softer image?
  2. Could be you need to turn down your clocks just a bit, and see if it improves. Try increasing things slowly and see when and where it starts to improve and go from there.
  3. Definitely. My fans kick in and things start heating up within a short time span. Hell I use my fans and the heat generated to heat my room. Todays games and with dx11 things are more taxing on the graphics card.
  4. Just saw the whole thing (only saw part 1 a while ago so it was nice to catch up and see 1:30 of it in one go) and thought it was great. Better than some uber high production movies I've seen recently. Did anyone else enjoy it?
  5. Just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself. My name's Ratbag and I like to consider myself a tweaker. Not the "bad" sort of tweaker but the sort that just likes to tinker with stuff. Always taking things apart to see how they work etc. I think that's why I love computers because you can take and swap things around, mod things and do all sorts. Anyway, hi guys
  6. Last movie I watched was The Impossible. Pretty good movie, but some cliche all around.
  7. I prefer LoL and it's more casual approach. DotA has a really awful community in my view. I've found a lot more laid back casual mature people in LoL than I ever did in DotA. Just my two pennies worth.
  8. Good thermal paste might lower the heat a bit but doubt it'll be anything dramatic. For what it's worth my GPU temps shoot up pretty high when playing demanding games. Skyrim tends to fly up fast for me.
  9. Had this happen in the past on a desktop and turned out to be overheating. Could be your card is heading up way too fast even in idle but then it should throttle?
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