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  1. So would you have to reinstall Windows on the new mSATA SSD if you plan on using the 1 TB HDD as a secondary drive?
  2. My 1TB HDD and 16 GB SSD cache are both working just fine nearing one whole year. It may just be that your particular part is defective and should be covered under warranty. Or else, it's also the perfect time to buy a larger mSATA SSD and replace your dead one. You'll have more storage space with the benefit of using SSD.
  3. Unfortunately, Mac OS X has never run on the Y500 without the use of virtualization software.
  4. The tutorial the OP posted is a fake for sure, I've seen the same thing all over Google. And it doesn't look like there is a way to get hackintosh working without encountering a black screen. I did get a virtual machine set up however. I have Mac OS X Mavericks running on VMWare for Windows.
  5. I don't know if it's the same issue, but using a USB 3.0 hard drive on my Y500 yields varying results. Most of the time, the hard drive won't even connect and I will have to use the 2.0 port. On rare occasions, it would actually work with the 3.0 port and work flawlessly. It's been an ongoing problem and I haven't really found s solution to it yet.
  6. Windows 8 in my opinion is way better than the previous versions of Windows. It's a lot easier to use (searching allowed on the tile screen) and seems a lot faster. It only got better when 8.1 came out. It just seems like people are too critical of change (Windows 7 to Windows 8) but honestly it only made the experience better for me.
  7. Sad they didn't allow for a way to re-enable it. Could have saved a lot of battery life.
  8. So would any mSATA SSD you install be used like a cache (like how Lenovo describes it)? Or would it be normal storage space? Also, what seems to be the best brand for SSDs you can get?
  9. Can these programs run the latest versions of Android without problem?
  10. A few questions... Would this work with my Lenovo Y500 w/out SLI, running Windows 8.1 and with the 750m graphics card? Would the modified BIOS have the options to overclock things like RAM, the 750m, and the processor? Thanks.
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