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  1. This is Confirmed to be working, I just ran the vbios.bat in windows and now sli is back.
  2. There is a horrible bug with windows 8.1 RTM/final and the 650m/750m sli configs. No driver even the latest 331.40 driver seems to fix this bug
  3. How to Install Mac OS Mountain Lion 10.8.3 On Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 | Laptop solutions enjoy guys
  4. so are u tell me that the stock values are reading wrong on your latest bios mods because i increase the volts to +225 to get it to 1.15 volts
  5. to tell u the honest truth i dont remember but are u speculatiing that it may be caused by the the hack bios that we are using from slv7
  6. i get the same thing after sleep mode with the original wifi car this is so annoying
  7. First of all, my bluetooth icon has dissapeared from my icon menu on the lower right hand part of my screen, but the main problem is when the pc goes to sleep the bluetooh devices do not operate when the pc awakes anyone has any ideas.
  8. ok jester explain to me how that works how will lowering your fps via turbo boost make gaming more comfortable are you talking about the 20c to 30c less heat you will feel on your hands
  9. hey octiceps i is see you have the 16gb ssd in your y500, is it performing well enough boot times and overall systems responsiveness wise to warrant one to be comfortable and not need a ssd.
  10. WHy dont people just go and buy a matte screen protector that will fix the glossy screen is crap on my laptop
  11. how does a 1200/2500 mhz sli 650m stack up against a stock 670/675 mx in terms of performance
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