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  1. getting the error whilst trying to flash the SLI: EEPROM erase failed ERROR: software write protection enabled, unable to erase EEPROM Any idea? is this software write protection in the NVIDEA driver software do you think? ive already flashed the machine's BIOS with your latest file
  2. Well it occurred to me that maybe i needed to check the fpt.exe admin rights in properties!! checked the box, rebooted and lo! it worked Is it advisable to reflash with your ^^^^^ latest bios fix above ? Many Thanks!
  3. Thankyou, but am still currently stuck at dos startup and have run the prr util. and have the '' Ready to flash the BIOS '' on screen, yet when i type the '' ftp.exe -f v202fix.rom -bios '' command i am still getting '' Bad command or file name '' Any ideas what else i can try?
  4. Hi, please could you help me a moment, im in the middle of TRYING to flash the modified bios (y500) and have run the prr tool with no probs, but am getting bad command names when trying to run the ftp.exe. I have v little experience of using dos (more of terminal in linux) and cannnot seem to make it run What im confused with, is the extension i have of the modified bios file is a .rom and in your instructions it says .bin i have tried every thing i can think of but keep getting '' bad command or filename'' Am i missing something obvious? in your instructions you give the command '' ftp.exe -f filename.bin -bios '' are the spaces crucial? and the file i have is a .rom and not a .bin and is the ''-f'' part of the instruction a reference to the flash drive location or some other command? bit confused here lol and any help would be appreciated Cheers, K
  5. EDIT: Disregard the above instructions; I wasn't thinking clearly. Right-click on fptw64.exe, click Properties, and select 'Run as an administrator' under the Compatibility tab. Then double-click backup.bat, click Yes on the UAC prompt, and it will generate the BIOS backup as a .bin file in the same folder.
  6. Hi octiceps,i think im missing something as i just cannot use fptw64 to backup bios.. so cant move on from that 1st thing in the list.. youve done the bios mod haven't you? do you have to run fptw64 in dos from boot or something?
  7. Thanx for all your replies guys I was finding Win 8 thoroughly annoying and knew nothing of ''starisback'' (wish i had just to test) anyways i stuck in a Crucial M4 256 Msata and installed Win7 ULT on that and then formatted the 1tb drive as storage. It really is performing incredibly slick, booting to usability in just 10 seconds! I could see where they were coming from for the new 8 interface, but it seemed a bit clumsy to me.. and seemed to be all over the place!! The only thing im stuck with now is trying to mod the bios as am falling at the first hurdle and cant even seem to make a bios backup!!! I'm normally pretty good with cracking and flashing but canne seem to do it!! Was looking forward to unlocking this baby aswell...
  8. Just stripping down my freshly arrived second hand Y500 (2 months old) and QUITE a few of the screws have been loose. So if anyone else is planning on doing a complete stripdown then i would DEFO recommend reassembly using a Thread Locking Compound (or any decent Nutlock medium strength) to avoid things coming loose in the future.. i was surprised what a measly amount of compound was on the screw threads! not even enough to go once around any thread... hence why already coming loose after 2 months
  9. Yes i was thinking disabling the ufei or whatever its called secure boot thingy was the first thing to do.. We'll see how it goes.. normally i partition for *home* *swap* and *root* I'll stick windows on first i think and just get it running
  10. Ok I have heard soo much about Win8 being one big pile of s**** (from gaming buddies) and how windows 7 is sooo much better?? (personally i think that after XP they have basically been refining a forensics tool capable of tracking your every move lol) So, how does Win8 fair on the Y500 in your experience?? is the first thing to do, is format and do a fresh clean install of Win7? i have never used 8 so cannot comment.. My Y500 sli comes tomorrow and before i ''move in'' i'm wondering whether to start from scratch and 1) Upgrade the bios to v 2.02 and Mod 2) Pull the HDD and install Win7 on msata 3) Format the slow 1tb drive for storage.. What are peoples thoughts on this?? Any << useful lol ><useful lol="">> comments greatly appreciated </useful>
  11. *defo* gonna buy you a beer when i've done this to my Y500 Sli arriving tomorrow!! Major respect for all the hard work you have put into helping people svI7 ! >> Here's the 'buy me a beer' link in case you like this << Use at your own risk, you are responsible for your system and the changes you make on it. My programs come with absolutely no warranty to the extent permitted by applicable law.
  12. Great, this is exactly what i want to do too, plus also dual boot with linux, both on msata Did you reformat the big sata hdd and remove windows 8? or can you boot into Win8 aswell by changing boot device priority??
  13. oh this is good lol! i can't help but have respect for Linus publicly giving the finger to microsoft!! Linus Torvalds: I will not change Linux to “deep-throat Microsoft” | Ars Technica
  14. Hi guys Have just discovered this forum and it looks like a pretty skilled and well informed bunch of peeps I have just bought a Y500 (coming tue, s/h, 3630qm, 16gb ram, SLI ) it has a standard 1tb HDD, and i have bought a 256gb M4 msata to whack in the slot and was kinda hoping to install Win7 AND Ubuntu on that drive and keep the 1tb drive for storage / Win8 (can be problematic removing Win8? due to 'one touch' etc??) Wondering if anyone else has tried multiple OS on here? I have Ubuntu / Win7 on my current laptop (6 partitions) and i only ever use windows to use certain softwares which dont support linux, as i just dont fly with the whole breadhead microsoft concept (although plan to do a bit of gaming now with the lenovo and SLI (and hopefully O/C the C/Gpu's too if i can get hold of the new BIOS that svI7 has been so tirelessly working on from what i can see! From what i can tell from trawling the net, it seems Lenovo have this thing pretty sewn up for some reason, and doing anything out of the norm is severely restricted?
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