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  1. guys, will the m18x r2 be compatible with a 780m sli setup? I'd like to upgrade my 680m's to 780m's will the PSU be enough? how much would this type of upgrade cost me?
  2. Damn good eye! No wonder your an administrator I was thinking how long will it take for someone to notice, I guess not long.
  3. Thank you SVL7, Successfully flashed the A10 unlocked bios over 10 stock, running from a usb stick made with rufus_v1.3.2.exe and selected freeDOS. It did bsod the first time I tried to boot, but duh, storage mode was set to raid, and my OS drive is in AHCI. I'll now be flashing the vbios, any suggestons for the 680 sli?
  4. If the m18 r2 is having any issues with hdmi, the first thing I would recommend doing is to trim the hdmi cable so it would go in a bit deeper into the port.
  5. Since its so huge and heavy, this is a real concern. Probably carying it in a backpack would be the best method, but I failed to find one in my local shops, so I bought a bag for it, case logic, with a handle and shoulder strap. What do you think, will it kill my shoulder if I carry it like that?
  6. To change the start sound, google "windows 7 startup sound changer". The logoff sound can be changed in the control panel, windows sounds, just look for "exit windows"
  7. Just a tip, if you need power you can take with you on the cheap, just build yourself a small form factor pc. You will have a lot more performance for the dollar, and the pc can be something similar in size as a average laptop, you could even find a small screen to go with it. Pm me if you like the idea, I have built one of these in the past and it was awesome.
  8. Hi, I'm erawneil+a. Recently sold my high end desktop to buy a 5000 gbp alienware laptop. Similar to mletemps, there is something about the mobile experience that I really like.
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