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  1. Does anyone object to adding this as a link under http://forum.techinferno.com/alienware/79-alienware-windows-customizations-restore-alienwares-look-feel.html ?
  2. I finally donated today! Maybe I can get on with you guys and start to un-suck. I havent gotten much game time in yet. I'm not buying the expansion, so I hope we have some of the standard maps loaded... Im GetFound in game...
  3. Good deal, glad you found a fix. I have a problem like that with TS3.

  4. I found the issue with my system losing sound if I unplug the headset while mumble is running. Its within the programing of mumble and something to do with how sound is produced in my gaming headset. Once I get my system all setup I am going to work on a patch for my headset in the software so it will fix it. Not really that big of a deal seeing it only happens if I unplug the headset while the app is running but I can fix it seeing as its open source and I already have the code just need to write up a patch for it.

  5. OK everyone, WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?? lol. I dont see anyone but me in game or mumble... and I'm at work
  6. Well aw sent a new mb and proc, 2820. Still flickers like a modified on hd3000... ugh. Calling back and asking for 2860... Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
  7. New 2820qm on its way to correct graphics issue. Not the 2860qm I hoped for but working is working (-:.
  8. Not sure about finance teams involvement, but the manager approval is instant. What may take a day or 2 is generating the specs for the replacement. My last replacement was all done in one long phone call, he didnt hang up until I approved the specs. Feel free to call back knowing that getting your specs is possible, some techs are just lazy...
  9. The 5870's are great cards! Push the system after the work with at least a 3dmark run... Honestly for the work I do and the games I play, I dont miss the RGB like I thought I would. The M18x's wled is still a great screen, even out of the box. I started with an M1730, loved it, was a beautiful laptop. Until the video card overheated to the point the didnt shutdown and the heat warped the case and finally the whole system froze. (was it a bad sign that I ordered it in April 2009 and Dell discontinued the laptop in May 2009???) Then I got an M17x R1 pretty well maxed out. That was a turd, 2 replaced in 2 months. Then I got an M17x R2 and Loooooved it. Then 3 months and the first one died, 2 weeks in second one died, and 3rd one lasted 6 months. All different issues. Now I have the M18x in my sig and this thing is a BEAST! I still would have been happy to if they would have just fixed my R2, but this thing is sweet. I really like the jump to sandy bridge. (-: Good luck with the work, either option in good working order and you should be a happy camper!
  10. @DanXbix, I foresee a new laptop in your future! The 285's arent just out of stock, they were discontinued due to overheating. An early welcome to the M18x... Be firm and polite and you will be taken care of!
  11. I had the stutter up until the day the replaced my cards with 5870's. As much as a pain as they can be, the warranty is sooo worth it! Best wishes!
  12. My 2820's hD3000 graphics are messed up. I wonder if they will replace with the 2860??? That would be niiiice.
  13. Jimbo, have you updated your OCZ firmware yet? I was getting daily BSOD's before I updated. I thought it was video at first because of the crash logs, but turned out otherwise. http://forum.techinferno.com/alienware-m18x/1211-ocz-vertex-3-vertex-3-max-iops-firmware-update-bsod-fix.html
  14. OCZ has released a new firmware update that helps fix random BSOD's with their sata III drives. 2.15 Issues resolved since version 2.13:  Fixed a rare condition that may cause Windows Blue Screen error when the primaryconfigured drive woke up from either a SATA slumber mode or S3/S4 modes  Fixed a rare condition that may cause Windows Blue Screen error when the drive was configured as primary with OS installed  Fixed a corner-case issue that may cause the drive to stutter or Windows freezing screen when a media read error occurred  Further improved robustness of Secure Erase operation to prevent possible low-level data structure corruption  Significantly improved TRIM handling to enhance system stability OCZ official site OCZ Technology OCZ firmware update instructions Bootable Tools for OCZ SandForce Driven SSD's OCZ bootable firmware update tool ocz_fwupd_1.642.12.04.zip I have had success with this update to 2.15, no more BSOD's and the drives seem more responsive in my M18x. (if thats possible, lol)
  15. OK, a week shipping isnt too bad. as long as it works and isnt busted open im good with such a cheap price. I hope they have more since you got the last one Jimbo...
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