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  1. uefi boot mode or legacy boot mode setting is also an option. unrelated some newer cards require a newer version of nvflash than the dos version is currently at. do i use the windows version or use the force option?
  2. from all the postings the fans never spin as fast as the lenovo fan program where the fan cycles. it only throttles. once temp gets to X, the clock rate throttles.
  3. bios: svl7 mod vbios (ultrabay): svl7 mod cpu: throttlestop (is it possible to overclock xxxxqm i7's?) gpu overclock: nvidia inspector monitor refresh rate change: evgapixelclockoc ram timings: ???? any hardware missing or alternate programs to suggest?
  4. whats the advantage of having that large a page file? If you've got loads of ram do you still need a page file?
  5. Advertising for a product, website or any other commercial interest is prohibited. If you wish to advertise on Tech|Inferno, contact us for advertising space and fees. Violation of our advertising rules will result in an infraction. Further violations will result in account suspension. Minimum Post Requirements (updated 5/31/13) Reposting any files developed by T|I staff on other sites is forbidden and will result in a permanent ban, please respect the time and effort our staff puts in for you. modify the bios, stop the cpu throttling, get gpu overclock programs, overclock the monitor refreshrate, is there any aspect i have overlooked? and one more thing, is naming these programs allowed or is that advertising?
  6. does the 650m unlocked vbios work with the 750m? I understand the bios thread is here but at 70 pages the topic is getting bloated and i dont want to threadjack. Also is the lower voltage limit the same as stock? and one more thing, somewhere in this forum i read people were having problems with modified ultrabay vbios. Has that been solved/fixed?
  7. -25.0mv is the most i am able to undervolt either card atm. less volts lower temps. mine also runs warmer.
  8. bios v2.02 mod memory speeds from 2500m to 2800m. at 2863 screen starts tearing.
  9. for those with i7's and modded bios, whats the temps like when some of the cores are disabled? or do games now use more than 2 cores?
  10. disable secure boot, run in windows 7 compatibility mode, run as administrator.
  11. stock bios. throttlestop now keepks cpu speed up.
  12. but you probably wont be able to overclock as high. if its the same hardware cause they usualy bin the imperfect chips into lower number names. fewer wasted chips from the manufacturing process.
  13. has anyone had the trackpad jump to the bottom left corner forcing you to the horrible tiles screen in windows 8 or is my trackpad posessed?
  14. i found for games the cpu is the limiter. cause the cpu goes at 3.3 ghz until the temps get hot, then it slows to 2.4ghz and the game starts to studder until it cools again, and the fast slow fast slow cycle continues. does yours also do that or is it just getting to hot? it happens around 80C.
  15. nvidia inspector now has variable temperature throttles if you dont want to go past a certin temperature.
  16. which port? (left side right side, always on usb port)
  17. someone was able to change the refresh rate on the display to 75hz from 60 hz wouldnt that help with motion blur? throttle stop should help if you want the i7 to stay at a higher clock. thought there were screenshots of the modded bios menus somewhere.
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