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  1. There is no option to do that in the Y500 at all, it's disabled in the hardware.
  2. Sorry, I never came back to clarify. I had to send it in for warranty repairs, it was indeed the LCD (LVDS) cable that was faulty. It took a while so I forgot that I had even made this post!
  3. One more great point of the Y500 is that is has been discovered elsewhere on this forums that it's possible to overclock the LCD quite a bit using the EVGA Pixel Clock tool. I keep mine at 75-85hz. I've had it at 100hz + before it started showing artifacts and strange behaviors around 115hz.
  4. The 'filename.rom' refers to 'Y500 -Y400 - SLI 650m - - OC.rom.zip' in the file section at the bottom of the post. Help requests should be kept to that thread too!
  5. As I understand with the SLI model of the Y510p you would need to disable the Ultrabay card in order to allow switching to the internal HD4000 while on battery rather than the internal 750m. That would likely be easiest by completely removing the SLI card and then checking the nVidia control panel (I believe?) to switch.
  6. I believe there is a thread around here discussing screen overclocking using EVGA Pixel tool. I've used the tool myself to overclock the refresh rate of my Y500 to a stable 100Hz, though you can push it a bit higher. Too much will lead to noticeable artifacting and flickering. It's quite a respectable bump and may be worth looking into to relieve some stuttering, or even to force your LCD to be a perfect 60 rather than 59.xxx.
  7. I'll run a Memtest later. I'm not sure the video drivers are to blame nor anything in Windows due to it happening before POST and any operating system loading. I did notice that sometimes while using the second display the device manager only showed the TV under monitors installed. Maybe even the LCD cable? Hrrrmmfffggghh
  8. I don't understand? Did you mean meatspace retail channels? It is inconsequential to order a mSata SSD from any number of online retailers and have it almost immediately. The SSD is a vast vast improvement over the caching drive or the HDD alone, and benchmarking the drive doesn't matter in most real life situations where the SSD is so much faster than the HDD that you're not really going to notice if your SSD is slightly slower than a different one. I've got Windows 7 and some games with heavy loading (Skyrim, Morrowind) on my 240gb Mushkin SSD and using my 1TB drive for media and most of my other games. The Ultrabay is in use for SLI and DVD-rom config. It's fantastic, I love this machine and how versatile it is.
  9. Hello, I've had my Y500 for a few months now without incident but as of a few days ago I started having a problem. During startup, the screen will just be black. Not blank, but black as if it hasn't turned on. The backlight for the keyboard is on though. I end up having to restart the computer multiple times before the Lenovo logo comes on and it starts. I've performed every toubleshooting step I can think of to try and determine the issue without much luck. Sometimes it seems like the GPU is giving the problems and others it seems as the LCD is the problem. I've tried it on A/C only, battery, with the SLI card, without, with external display, without. Most times it will boot into Windows fine without power to the LCD, other times the LCD with be backlit with a blank screen and it doesn't boot. Most of the time the external display will work, and others it will not initialize. I've tried this with and without the SLI card inserted. I'm going to keep monitoring the behavior in the next few days, but unfortunately I am going on holiday very soon and I don't have enough time to contact Lenovo for warranty work until I get back in two weeks-ish. It has been working fine intermittently, and runs fine once it does work. Maybe I should just leave it sleeping or hibernating instead of a cold-boot to Win 7 every time. I've seen a couple other posts of people having a similar issue without any response. I plan to open the bottom and re-seat my RAM, SSD, and HDD when I get home tonight. I also plan to check to see if there is any similar behavior while hibernating or sleeping. Does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks
  10. Hah, my old laptop (C2D and 8600m) I was gaming on 100cpu and GPU in high 90s, so I'd say those temps are quite awesome.
  11. GN36 is the part number for the Ultrabay SLI card. This BIOs mod will work for your card. Thanks!
  12. Morrowind is a very CPU constrained game and really not optimized for more than one core or more than one GFX card. I was able to use a program (MWOptimizer) to set it as 1080p windowed (looks fullscreen, so it must automatically be borderless) and that solved the problem. Though it didn't really help with framerate, but that's not surprising. It's such a fickle game and even more of a resource hog when fully modded, despite being over 10 years old now. I'll play around again with The Witcher. Strange problems!
  13. Hmm, I'll need to investigate that too because on just standard settings and SLI turned on both games have a strange double rendering thing happening that is solved once I turn SLI off. EDIT: With Throttlestop turned to turbo I get: Not a major increase there overall, though physics did bump up quite a bit. CPU temps under 95, which is fine, nothing major affecting my GPU temps. I'll try Unigine next. EDIT 2: Unigine doesn't really have different results. Still around 450. EDIT 3: Morrowind does have this setting, but it's turned on by default and it doesn't function correctly. It's a strange juttering that doesn't happen with SLI disabled. It's unplayable in that form.
  14. Yeah, I've been busy in many aspects of my life, I haven't even really had a lot of time to play games yet. Annoying, but I figure I've got time. I'm thinking using Throttlestop for games such as Morrowind and The Witcher that are not compatible with SLI and are very CPU limited would be best. I'll attempt to make my Ultrabay GPU the primary maybe in order to see if heat stays away.
  15. I'll give it a shot with Throttlestop later. I had it downloaded it, but my mind wasn't wrapping around proper usage that late at night heh. I'll do another final go tomorrow using it, I'm curious about how adversely it'd affect my temps.
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