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  1. what issues does this fix exactly? i've flashed to the old modded 2.02 but havent noticed any problems.
  2. what temps is your system running at under load with these clocks?
  3. can you explain how to monitor the ec registers im not too familiar with this stuff..
  4. this setting doesnt make the fan go into the same fan speed as the dust removal app provided by lenovo
  5. i have already flashed to the modded 2.02 bios for overclocking purposes.. where in the bios options would i be able to find the fan speeds.. i believe i tried seeting them to 100% before but it does not make the fan spin as fast as the dust removal app
  6. just wondering if anyone has figured out a way to control the fan speed of the ideapad y500. .. using the Energy Management Dust Removal tool provided by lenovo i noticed the fan speed fan push quite a bit of air out. i would like to be able to control this and actually have the fans running at these speeds despite the noise. i've tried speedfan but that didnt do nothing. anyone know of a way to do this?
  7. anyone else experiencing similiar problems?... prior to the modded 2.02 bios flash. i was stable with 970/2400 clock on my single gt 650m. using the modded 1.05 bios and forcing the overclock on p5 state. after flashing to the 2.02 modded bios the same overclock i was using is no longer stable. and my games are crashing and the gpu kicks into idle state.
  8. im contemplating on whether or not this product is worth picking up. im considering getting one of these for my y500.. as my laptop gets really hot (80C gpu/94C cpu) when im gaming while encoding video with high compression. edit. want to note that these temps are with throttlestop on. and the gt 650m oc'd to 1000/2400 what are ur thoughts on this product... fan speed is 3800rpm
  9. i figured the same thing. as one of my older laptops had a broken inverter before. and so i've replaced it.. but still the same thing... im starting to wonder could this be a video card problem?? i forgot to add that this problem started happening right after i decided to reformat the laptop
  10. if you're willing to pay slightly more (800-850). you can look into getting a lenovo y500 i7 3630qm gt 650m 2gb gddr5 15.6" FHD LED LCD. they always have sales for it on their website savings of 450$.. and you can find a cashback site that will give u another 6-8% cashback rebate ontop of the sale price.
  11. hey guys.. if a laptop draws air in from the bottom and vents it out the sides/back... should the cooling pad be blowing air up or pulling it down.. i never understood this. because ive seen a bunch of cooling pads that blows air downward away.. does this counter-act the airflow of the laptops cooling system?
  12. hey guys. im new here nice to meet you all.. i came across this forum while looking for a unlocked bios for my lenovo y500. looks like a very active forum filled with lots of info. i look forward to chatting with u all and pestering u guys with my problems/questions ^______^
  13. hi guys. i have a problem with my m14x when i turn on the laptop. the screen will light up. and i can see the boot up sequence. but the screen will have a greenish hue. then by the time i get to windows the screen will be completely dark. at first i thought the screen was off. but after shining light into it. you can see that the screen is still functioning and displaying windows... its just the backlight wont stay on.. if i use an external monitor, the external monitor will work completely fine. i've also made sure that my screen dimmer is at the brightest setting. this did not do anything for me. anyone have any ideas?
  14. i also have this problem with my y500 single gt 650m. im wondering if the bios mod people have been using to be able to unlock the 790 gpu core clock. would help with this problem?
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