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  1. Where did you see this for the overclocking the refresh rate? Do you happen to have a link/source?
  2. The Lenovo Y400 is running about $750. I just bought mine about two weeks ago and it looks like they're still doing the deal with it marked down to that price. Totally worth it!
  3. Logitech g500 1100 dpi Steel Series QcK mass I loved the g5 so I got the newer model (at the time). I have a g700 but I don't like the drag if I connect it and wireless doesn't seem so great to me. The QcK mass surface is amazing. I have a mini if I need a surface elsewhere.
  4. This right here. When I did it for "health", it stopped charging altogether. I had to change it to the battery life setting and it charged back up.
  5. I don't think you customized it to your pc. You can change the FOV, key bindings, graphic settings...not sure what you're meaning consolish...
  6. nfs3freak

    Gaming Mouse

    Logitech G5 and now G500. Love that mouse. I'm not a claw grip guy so my G9 was uncomfortable, but the full grip of the G5/G500 is so comfy for my hand. I have a g700 but I'm not a fan of the way it's shaped and the wireless.
  7. Holy hell that hurt to read. I agree though. It definitely was a cash grab. Maybe BF4 will add things we wanted from BF2 and improve upon BF3.
  8. So judging from all these posts, if I want anything I'm going to have to fork up the money to get a good headset. I have a pair of Tritton AX Pros, Creative Fatality MKII and Logitech G390. I want a pair of actual good headphones for more than gaming, mainly music. Looks like from everything Seinnheiser is the way to go...I'll just have to save up I guess. Anybody have any opinion on Audio Technica?
  9. Just posting a friendly hello! Nfs3freak, joined today after needing to find the Lenovo Y400 bios mod. Just bought one of these laptops for gaming and have an ultrabay GPU coming in so I don't want this baby gimped when I used it. So glad to see such a great forum to be a part of now!
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