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  1. Hey, sorry for not replying back earlier. I had my A-levels going on so I was busy. So I eventually went ahead with the Sony XB500 and I'd like to give back my feedback on it. I've had it for almost 2 months now and I'm very happy with my purchase. Design and Build Quality As soon as you open it, one can't help but notice the massive ear cups on this thing, not to mention the sheer comfort they provide! The cushions are king size and putting them around the ear is like putting two pillows. They're very cushy and the seemingly leather padding used feels well made and premium. The construction of this headphone is fully out of plastic, there's no use of metal to be seen anywhere. That said, the head band is very sturdy and flexible enough, and should last for years with proper usage. The headband is adjustable although they can't be folded so its not very portable. There's a little padding on the underside of the headband and a leather like mesh on top. The headphone uses a flat cable which feels extremely well made and is very resistant to tangling. However, the cable is only around 1.2m which shouldn't be a problem if you use a laptop but I can definitely see it causing problems for PC users, particularly if the CPU tower is far. Sound Quality Just to make it clear, I am in no way an audiophile so my judgment on these headphones is probably won't be the most accurate. However, it should help the average user should he decide to buy these headphones. I allowed the headphones to break in for around 2 days before testing it. On first listening, it was clearly that these headphones pack HUGE bass in it (I was surprised the bass even rivaled that of Beats Studio owned by my friend!). These are like a dream come true for bass heads. While the bass is amazing, the mids and highs clearly suffered as they sounded somewhat recessed. I tweaked the EQ based on some of the suggested settings on head-fi. The result was a much tighter bass with well pronounced mids and highs, noticeable improvement over stock settings. I probably won't recommend these if you don't plan on using some sort of an equalizer unless you're into the bass only. I also noticed that these headphones respond quite well to equalizers so you can fine tune it to your liking. My main use for these was for movies and games and they certainly do them justice. The sound stage is very good, and virtual sound features (Like Creative's CMSS 3D, Dolby surround) work impressively well. Explosions in movies and games would rumble your head, and tiny details are easily picked up. As for music, I don't listen much to it so I can't give an accurate image but whatever I heard sounded alright to me. Noise Isolation The XB500 does a good job of blocking ambient noise, and with music playing you'll barely be able to hear what's going around you. They do however leak sound if used at high volumes, around 30-40% on my laptop, and around 60-65% when I use the mobile. The sound leakage seems to come mainly from 3 holes on both sides of the backplate. These are I assume to improve the bass as covering it with duct tape reduced the bass a little (and eliminated a great deal of the noises that were leaking).
  2. I want them to be be somewhat noise cancelling but mainly they shouldn't leak too much noise at around mid-volumes. The model you suggested is on-ear I believe but I need over ear headphones and the shipping costs makes it priced similar to the Sony. I did some more research (Head-fi in paarticular) and found that that specific Sennheiser model isn't so good and is just average. The Razer models seem to be bashed a lot too. Right now I'm contemplating between the Razer and Sony, the razer seem to be better at noise isolation though I may sacrifice sound quality a bit. What do you all think?
  3. 5150 Joker, the Razer Carcharias sells for around $100 dollars here and that is way too high for what I get. Michael, I wanted to go for the Sennheiser at first but after reading reviews here and there and on Head-Fi, the majority seem to recommend the high end models and that the low end ones are just above average if not lower. unreal25, amazon doesn't ship that model to the UAE(Dubai for those who don't know the abbrev) and I believe the free shipping doesn't include this country. And I agree with what you said, most of the reviews are unprofessional and are purely based on personal judgement and taste which is why its making it tough to choose. $80 vs $34 is a huge difference so I want to be sure I'm getting the best bang for the buck so to speak.
  4. Hi guys, After almost 4 years of use, my Technics RP-F300 has finally died out on me. I've been trying to decide on what should I get this time based on the price and availability of the models in my area (I live in UAE). I've finalised on this shortlist: 1. Sony's XB500 - $70 2. Sennheiser's HD419 - $82 3. Razer Electra - $80 4. Philips SHG8000 - $68 I've checked out reviews for the first 3 (couldn't find any for the Philips) and I kind lean towards the XB500. From what I've read, it appears to be one of the best bassy headphones for the price and I kind of like punchy bass. Also I believe that can be corrected by fiddling with the EQ a bit. My main use for the headphone would be for gaming and watching movies and a little music. I'll be using the headphones at around 45-55% of the volume so it should leak little to no sound at that volume or at least a person 2-3 feet away from me shouldn't discern what I'm listening to. I know that these models are cheaper on amazon but if I add the shipping costs it becomes more expensive. So which of these models do you all think I should get? If you all have any experience with the brands and their build quality and want to share it'll be much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I watched The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey the other night again on Blu-Ray. It was such a dazzling movie! The SFX and visuals in it are among the best I've ever seen, Peter Jackson really delivered a masterpiece! The first 40 minutes were somewhat boring as all they do is mess around but then it keeps getting better and better. Richard Armitage's casting as Thorin was also great, he really brought out the character to life.
  6. I have a matte 19 inch monitor and when compared to the typical 15.6inch glossy displays on most laptops nowadays, it has both its cons and pros. In daylight conditions, the matte screen completely blows away any glossy display. The colours are vibrant enough and there is absolutely no reflections noticeable (at least to me). In a dark room, the black suffers as I can clearly notice the difference between the glossy bezel and screen. Glossy displays are 'alright' if you ask me, particularly when browsing the internet where the reflections aren't as noticeable as they are in dark scenes in movies for example which can be extremely annoying at times. Add to it, most of the panels used nowadays are very cheap and suffer huge colour shifts even when your eyes are exactly centred to it. Perhaps if they start using more IPS panels in the future, I may eventually come to like glossy displays, but for now, matte is personal favourite.
  7. I've used both NVIDIA and AMD cards and my pick goes to the former. Their driver support is simply brilliant, even for the old cards and the performance gains in subsequent driver releases is also astounding. My overclocked ancient 9500 GT could barely run some of 2011 games (ACR, FIFA 12, ACB) at low settings but the driver releases allowed me to push it to low-middish. The GUI of the control panel is also far more intuitive in my opinion than AMD's(which only recently sort of improved) and easily graspable. When it comes to choosing performance per dollar, AMD emerges as a winner here. Though its somewhat less powerful, for a person with a low budget its a life saver but if you have the money, you can't go wrong with choosing NVIDIA.
  8. Hi guys, I've just recently bought the Acer v3-571G after finding out this thread and that I can overclock the GPU. My Acer came in with v1.08 of the BIOS and the version offered at the download sections states it's 1.07? If I'm not mistaken, didn't svl7? post a modified version of the new BIOS file, including the UEFI version for those with Windows 8? Unless I'm missing something here, I can't seem to view any file other than the 1.07 one. Can anyone guide me?
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