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Master Chief Helmet Hard Drive Enclosure Mod

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So I got really bored and was looking at the old Halo 3 Legendary Edition helmet. I realized that for the past 5 years I have had absolutely no use for it. So I picked it up and was trying to find something cool to find inside it. I realized my external HDD was the perfect size, so I started taking dimensions.

And viola, using just a screwdriver and a boxcutter, I have put a very crude hole in the back of the helmet and put the HDD inside. It uses very thin glossy plastic so it worked fine, but the stand uses a harder, very thick plastic and I will have to use a drill for it tomorrow. So far it looks pretty cool though. Will update tomorrow after I drill the stand for it.


EDIT: Tried to get rid of those first two images, but cant so oh well, you guys get to see that awesome kid chest from my siblings. Part of my room is being used for storage basically so eh










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A dremel would have made the holes a lot cleaner looking. Or you can do it the hard way by using some sandpaper to smooth the edges of the cuts a bit.

Good idea though.

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Ah the nostalgia ;) I love it Gears it just works! Nice job.

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i think(thanks to you) i fund a great use for the replica :D

so i can call everyone that the masterchief protect my data :D

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My first thought was wow what a very cool and easy mod. My second though though was the same as Andrea, I would worry a little about the temps. Often times the manufacturer will use the metal enclosure for heat dissipation.

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