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  1. I checked the dimensions, the M14x R3 is slightly thicker than the R1/R2. Makes sense to me with the thicker lid Does anyone know what the name of the panel the R3 is using? I hope it'll fit into the R1/R2
  2. Temperatures are in the original post. Usually 73-75 C
  3. So I got really bored and was looking at the old Halo 3 Legendary Edition helmet. I realized that for the past 5 years I have had absolutely no use for it. So I picked it up and was trying to find something cool to find inside it. I realized my external HDD was the perfect size, so I started taking dimensions. And viola, using just a screwdriver and a boxcutter, I have put a very crude hole in the back of the helmet and put the HDD inside. It uses very thin glossy plastic so it worked fine, but the stand uses a harder, very thick plastic and I will have to use a drill for it tomorrow. So far it looks pretty cool though. Will update tomorrow after I drill the stand for it. EDIT: Tried to get rid of those first two images, but cant so oh well, you guys get to see that awesome kid chest from my siblings. Part of my room is being used for storage basically so eh
  4. Lol I remember how they said in the m14x review it had terrible upgradability, and that the screen was the worst they had ever seen... but the m11x screen was worse and they never even mentioned upgradability on the m11x series as a whole
  5. Whats wrong with it? Broken? I'd recommend trying to fix that thing and find a use for it than just throwing it away! Or if you really need someone to take it off your hands...
  6. So the m18x is gone then? Or do you still have it?
  7. Newegg.com - PCs & Laptops, Mobile Edge, Laptop Cases, Refurbished They say refurbished, but the M14x messenger and backpack are 75$ off for example! Very very interesting if you need a bag
  8. I would change the red lights to blue. Red lights do make your system faster but they run alot hotter. Blue keeps them stock but keeps it alot cooler
  9. Yeah theyre my co-pilots. Their job is to give me that evil look while I play Skyrim
  10. Show me your battlestation. Videos and pictures of your rooms and desk setups are all welcome. Co-pilots welcome too.
  11. Skyrim. It's the complete game of the year right now for 2011, probably one of the most played and discussed games, and certainly is popular even among this forum. But, Skyrim didn't just come out of no where, it had a few older brothers, Morrowind and Oblivion. Morrowind was Bethesda's first jump into a fully-explorable, 3-D, free-roam RPG, and man was it awesome. It currently still has a huge fan-base, mods and such constantly being released to extend the life of the game, even though a sequel known as Oblivion was already released in 2006. Oblivion was a pretty big overhaul from Morrowind, offering, to date, the most amount of explorable land of all of Bethesda's games, even more space than Skyrim. Oblivion brought on things like a new combat system, which is pretty similar to skyrim, new updated graphics (quite amazing at the time, very large view distance), and of course, lots of new content. Oblivion was again game of the year, like most of Bethesdas games, and has a very large fan base at the moment. Skyrim went on to take Morrowind and Oblivion, mash together the good parts and then add even more of its own pure-awesomeness. You just cant compete with that Currently, Skyrim is probably the most played Elder Scrolls game, I would assume; in which I also know tons of people who are still playing Morrowind, but what about Oblivion? Today, I was playing Skyrim (of course), when my computer had an error and shut down from high temperatures. I got an error when I rebooted, in which I knew the best way to solve it was to leave the machine off for a while. Still wanting to play games, I went over and booted up my old Xbox 360. Obviously my taste for Skyrim had not even been touched in the least, and found the only way to calm it was to play Oblivion. I figured "It was my favorite game before Skyrim.. How bad could it be?" Boy, was I shocked. No curved swords!? So how different was it going back in time? Graphics were pretty on par with what i remembered, view distance being a bit mediocre. Combat was pretty good, I forgit how much I missed being able to cast a spell on the fly, even with my sword and shield still equipped. After about an hour and a half the realization of why Oblivion is not an honorable mention began to hit me. The terrain, just eh. Tree, rock, tree, rock, tall grass, bush, tree, tree, tree.. It was all pretty bland. I never found myself actually wanting to just stop and look at anything, even Morrowind had that effect. The enemies and such were decent at best, but had no real variety. It really just felt like everythin was a reskinned bandit, all just either hitting you with some sort of weapon or shooting some spell, in which you hit them with your sword and you hear that same sound over and over and over and over and over... Still, it had alot of perks. The beauty of Oblivion still existed, green valleys, huge towers and cities, pretty much everything you remembered about that. The thing that I really actually liked was the amount of content (note: content, not different content). I found that even though every single dungeon felt basically the same, there was alot to explore and alot of neat things to see. Going through sewers, sneaking up on bandits, killing some daedra in Oblivion itself, it was all pretty fun. There was nothing unique about alot of the things, but it felt true to the classic RPG filled with lots of content Basically: Oblivion is not Skyrim, but it is a true RPG that brought hundreds of hours of simple, quest based fun with the classic RPG elements. Skyrim just took this and added lots of more unique things and improved much of the "dull" parts, but at that sake of feeling less "hardcore" and probably 30% less real content. What do I see left in Oblivion? You know how sometimes, you'll see someone ask online or in real life, "Hey, I got this really old laptop, you want it?" Or, "I got this old laptop that I wanna put some old games on to mess around in, suggestions?" Well, I do, and that's where I see Oblivion headed, as a simple classic that isn't too taxing that anyone can enjoy. I know it seems as sort of a weird niche, but its true. I find Oblivion to truly be the perfect "laptop game". It's, again, not taxing and I'm sure by Ivy Bridge the Intel GPU's could handle it, loaded with content that can last for probably even a year played on and off, like on a laptop; and of course, it had a huge community that filled it with mods. Why I say this is more of a "laptop" game than just a classic or regular PC game is the taxing and older parts. Again, any future laptop, even the cheapest ones, should be able to handle its graphics just fine, and it will be pretty cheap to anyone that wishes to buy it. Then when you get home, you can go ahead and load up the beautiful Skyrim on your PC or xbox 360. And yeah, its pretty late and I'm hyped up so I can't sleep, but felt like writing something. So here's my abnormally long post, which most likely has lots of flaws or doesn't have a good concluding paragraph, but eh. You don't have to read if you don't want and feel free to correct me :S
  12. Alright: 1. Do all 5 of these @ Guides: Five Fast Skyrim Tweaks Guaranteed To Make Your Game Look Better - GeForce 2. Install this: skse.silverlock.org 3. Install this skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=4387 4. Install this Serious HD Retexture Landscape Skyrim at Skyrim Nexus - Skyrim Mods and community 5. Install this ReAL Water - insane0h HD Water replacement overhaul at Skyrim Nexus - Skyrim Mods and community 6. Install this Enhanced Distant Terrain at Skyrim Nexus - Skyrim Mods and community 7. Install this Enhanced Blood Textures at Skyrim Nexus - Skyrim Mods and community 8. Install this Skyrim Flora Overhaul at Skyrim Nexus - Skyrim Mods and community 9. Install this Serious HD Retexture Landscape Skyrim at Skyrim Nexus - Skyrim Mods and community 10. Enjoy
  13. I made some of these for both NBR and T|I. I got really bored at around 1AM last night and I decided I was in the mood for photoshop. Tell me what you guys think PSD Packs for Photoshop if you guys wish to edit them TI PSD Pack.rar
  14. Tonight I did a ton of mods.. Heres a screenshot I took and use as a wallpaper now. I also have a gallery of about 35 in my Steam gallery Im uploading as I post this. Getting around 40fps at 1680x1050, shadows on medium at overclock in signature. Overall Id say my game isnt Skyrim anymore, its Crysis with a bethesda mod. http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/5...1122600043.jpg EDIT: The whole gallery Steam Community :: Gearsguy :: Screenshots I NEVER go below 30fps. Ever. Temps: (Strange my overclock didnt show) Lets see anyone try to say the M14x isnt a true gaming notebook now.
  15. LTN140KT01-301 Samsung 14" WXGA++ (Matte) (LED backlight) LCD Screens, brand-new for $100 Retail ($90 Wholesale) Found it for sale on a more reliable site. Dont think it was a scam
  16. The m17x r3 and m18x are matte underneath but the m14x and m11x have glossy under glossy
  17. So I was poking around some forums and was reading a thread on screen calibration. Decided to find my display model name (Samsung 140KT - 900p screen) and googled it because why not. In the front page, I see this on ebay in google. Samsung 140KT MATTE screen. Its 14 inches, has the same model number, and its matte. Anyone got any clues? Samsung LTN140KT01 14.0" LED Screen LCD Matte Un-Tested | eBay
  18. My flux capacitor fell out? Damnit marty, how do we get back now
  19. So I was using my computer and moved it, and heard something rattling around inside. I know a screw is a little weird in there, so I popped off the bottom ready to find it and screw it in nicely. Cant find it, shake the computer a little, still hearing it inside, and this falls out. It has the words 330 155PRE on it. Doesnt seem to affect anything yet, but will be contacting Dell to find out in case. Very odd, Ive never ever dropped it or anything UPDATE: Online chat cant check so Ill have to call tomorrow
  20. Dell has to follow a lemon law I think so it may be possible. I say keep the m14x though
  21. Jagged shadows fix. (Not my fix or picture)
  22. So I finally got it running on almost all ultra at 1600x900 with 40-50fps Go to Nvidia control panel and set it to these settings Anostrophic Filter 8X AA Gamma - Off AA Mode - Application Controlled AA Transparency - Off CUDA - All (default) Maximum Pre Rendered Frames - Force to 3, dont use application controlled Single Display Performance Mode (Unless youre using dual monitors of course) Power Management - Maximum Performance Texture Filtering - Off Negative LOD - Clamp Texture Quality - Quality (normal, not high) Trilinear Optimization - Off Threaded Optimization - Force on Vertical Sync - Force off Then, Under Skyrim settings, set it to the Ultra button at your native res. AF to 8 Samples AA Off Advance -> Everything on High/Ultra with Shadows on Medium FXAA Off All water reflections Object Detail Fade On Of course these are just my settings, but Im never dropping below 30fps Also using an overclock of 765/1080/1530
  23. Nice dude, no offense but m18x > XPS 15z LOL
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