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  1. yeah wie already noticed that gpu thing. i tried my at my own all for me possible options but i only can get to 1020 mhz. just wait a bit and be carefull,you overlock the memory clock a litte bit to much i think. mine got unstable over +600mhz today i got my new bigger PSU as well. bios shows up that it is a 240W PSU. also now i can hear some strange "buzz/buzzy" sounds from my notebook. sounds linke the TV´s wenn you lower backlight..... do i have to worry? EDIT: okay,forgotten to flash the new open bios with vbios mod. after flashing that the buzz sounds are gone....^^
  2. i dont think you can use the bios without flashing it. hmmm too bad you didn´t try recovery before you flashed the modded bios with your last mainboard. i know there was no reason for that.... no risk no fun but i understand that you are scared your insprion will brick again... we should wait a bit longer, hopefully our bios mod "god´s" () figure out whats the problem.
  3. maybe the voltage from the GPU drop but i think thats the fault of the original bios. hmm,when you get a refurbished board you may can recover your bios. just try the mothod that olehkh has posted before with original bios when it works and you can "recover" ,i think you may can use a bios mod. but thats just an idea don´t try it when you not want
  4. i heard about the key in the bios as well,my old dell has that to. so when i get the inspiron last summer i think they maybe have changed it. good to know
  5. i tried now the recovery method that plehkh has written at my own and it works pretty fine i write you a message in german,maybe that helps now im out of options trying to getting higher then 1020 mhz gpu core speed. i also tried a lot of options in the bios,but none seems to work.
  6. hmm that is strange... because i tried so manny things and alway get stuck on 1020 mhz gpu coreclock speed. maybe it was a little bit to late yester day. (around 4 AM ) and an i failed i try it again oh i´m sorry, im no expert on this. some of us think there is another mainboard layout,but i can´t check because all of my friends have the same model like me. EDIT: okay now i tried a lot of things to overclock. cant find any option for that in the open bios. so i tried software overclocking and nvidia inspector doesnt work for me. i tried serveral power states but none work. only Pstate 0 work. and even if i use a batch file(1100mhz set there), it only increses the clock speed about +135 mhz. batchfiles are fine msi afterburner also has its limit at +135mhz. may i have missed the wrigh option o unlock this in the bios settings??
  7. oh hello russian friend,you´re the guy with the bios mod from the russian board we talking here,right? your mod runs pretty fine for the 3610QM model. maybe when you remove the gpu overclock limit,it would great anyway, cool thing you are here with us EDIT: in your russian forum you talk alot about a 230W PSU. does anyone have it already?
  8. at least it would be great if the overclock limit would be remove... but since we have an unclear probleme with bricked inspiron i think we first should check up this before we rebuild this modded vbios into the bios. i can put it back into a bios, but i don´t think it helps when the newer models still brick. and its far above my skills to figure out whats the problem. so we have to wait until the russians or svl7 figure it out. slv7 is realy busy at the moment. so please all be kindly and wait until he found some free space. i´m sure he will help us
  9. nope,with the russian open bios the gt 650 is all standart again. 745 mhz and boost works on 835mhz. i tried to overclock with nvidia inspector. before i was able to get over 1000 mhz. now with the same .bat file i stuck on 970 mhz. there some fine settings in there i have activated and it stil runs fine EDIT: i have just seen that there is ja new open russion bios mod with a modded vbios in it. i will test and report if they using yours! EDIT 2: okay they using another v bios mod! this has a standart of 885 mhz an can bring up to 1020 mhz. also the voltage is changed. before i have 1.0370V maximum and now about 1.0670V but somehow it throttle down to 400 mhz.... think the russians dont knwo what to do,your bios mod doesnt throttle EDIT 3: ok,now i have restartet all and so on an now it dont throttle down and just runs fine... strange things happend here.i also ordered another PSU ,maybe it will run much better..... EDIT4: ok last edit this vbios mod runs very fine, increase my framerate in alot of games. but the gpu here also stuck @ 1020 mhz. even other powerstates not work anymore. the gpu voltage ist most the tome stable @ 1.0870V sometimes drop to 1.0620V temps are fine. even with this higher voltage and clock it is 3-4 ° cooler then before. i can say that the bios mod works fine for me. but users with a 3630QM should be really carefully!!!
  10. i will be carefully, i promise that. but isn´t it the A12 bios like the one you modded? hmm,i also cant find any options for the geforce card. just für the HD4000. fan speed seems to be the same, but cant say for sure because it just sounds like before. i also stuck on the 970 mhz speed.... but i thing i will finde a work around
  11. okay i now have flashed the russian open bios mod. i have the 3610QM model and it work pretty fine with this mod. i also have remove all power supplys for 5 minutes and nothing has bricked. first think i found out,that i have much lower tempretures on the same CPU/gpu clocks like before with SVL7´s mod. ! they are about 6 degrees lower. isnt that strange? o.O there are so manny options, i will test a little bit with this "new features". i report soon.
  12. okay, i now found it official at the delll shop,but they want 120 €.... so i think ebay and refurbished will work fine for me normaly the gpu has a voltage about 1.037 but on load it drops to 1.0120,why ever.... maybe its the PSU,please report. you can write me a personal message on german i will now flash the russian open bios an hope it works,anythink special you do while flashing? EDIT: are you sure about the PSU? because the original has output: 19,5V / 6,7A and the alienware has 19,5/ 12,3A. im not an electrican,so i don´t wanna damage my notebook with the wrong PSU...
  13. please report if you get your new PSU. also i would be interressted in ja link where i can buy it. im´m from germany and cant find a stand alone PSU
  14. we know it before that ist was russian thanks anyway
  15. yeah,please link to the original thread. i also don´t understand that some guy´s have problems. i dont know about the 3630QM problem,because i have a 3610QM,but i run the modded bios by SVL7 since he released ist and it works pretty good on my notebook. no unstable problems with the 970 mhz clock speed. i think ist maybe because the notebook is getting to hot. dell is using really bad heatsink paste... i opened up my inspiron and change it carefully with the arctic MX-4 and now the CPU is about 15 degrees cooler. also the GPU has 6-7 ° less with it. i also using a cooling pad under my notebook(coolermaster notepal U3) and i getting arround 70-72 ° at my GPU and 75-79° CPU(with boost) while i´m playing battlefield 3. the temp´s are stable and doesnt increase,i sometimes play 3-5 hours. @svl7 i send you a message a few day´s ago. please respond if the donate findig it´s way to you

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