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  1. hi malbros... u say that have connected 2 hd to your y500, where u connected the second one? i don't see second sata...

    tnx Andrew

  2. i issue some problem... after flashing ultrabay video card with modded rom windows give me a drive problem on second video card and don't enable SLI (seem driver don't recognize the video card). i'm using win 8.1, some one have any kind of idea on how to solve this problem? i already tryed reflashing ultrabay card, reinstall driver, but nothing to do!
  3. problem solved, i removed completally intel software and all work now! seem not so bad wireless card...
  4. anyone have tryed it on y500? i have problem with bluetooth... when i try to scan i have no result and seem to slow down windows. Any idea why? someone know if it's a good wireless card?
  5. one is probably acpi power control and is included in lenovo power manager...
  6. excuse my ignorance, can i unlock bios and whitelist without OC video card?
  7. someone have a modded bios that accept more wireless card?
  8. Sometimes with old software it hang up application... Bit seem good. I suggest to try fedora 19 .... It fly on y500 Inviato dal mio Nexus S con Tapatalk 2
  9. Greeeeeeeen day ... 21 guns in front of the sunlight Inviato dal mio Nexus S con Tapatalk 2
  10. some one have a corsair extreme edition? if i attach directally to sata pc detect him... but if i put in some case or external usb/sata converter it is not viewed... i´m the only with this problem?
  11. very nice work! i like it so much! and what about temperature in it? have u having problem?
  12. anyone can suggest me a low cost hi res mouse and where to buy bf3 at low cost?
  13. i see halo film... not so fantastic as i think but a great game film give it a try
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