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  1. Steam Grid View Banners Saw a thread for this on NeoGAF, so I figured T|I could use one too since we have some talented people here who can make these as well. This thread will be used for posting Steam Grid View Banners. The latest Steam Beta allows you to add custom banners, and a lot of us are missing banners in our collections. Post yours here and share it with T|I! Someone may like it enough to use it themselves or you may help out someone who is looking to complete their collection. Courtesy of this post Add to this list by submitting here Banner Resolution must be 460x215 Grid View Template.psd - PSD Template Fists of Resistance Catacomb Snatch Heroes of Newerth Bloodline Champions StarForge Super Smash Bros. Brawl Minecraft If you need a banner but don't see it here, make sure to request it. Someone may be generous enough to make one for you.
  2. A dremel would have made the holes a lot cleaner looking. Or you can do it the hard way by using some sandpaper to smooth the edges of the cuts a bit. Good idea though.
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