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Alienware M17x R4

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A list of various Alienware M17x R4 BIOS / VBIOS files.

2 files

  1. Free

    UEFI fast boot / secure boot GPU

    User with any of the M14x R2 / M17x R4 / M18x R2 notebooks with a current BIOS have reported issues when using the Secure Boot / Fast Boot options in combination with the dedicated Nvidia / AMD GPU.
    Files contained in this archive:
    GTX 660m - Dell GTX 680m - 80.04.5B.00.02.zip Dell 7970m - Dell Dell 675m - 70.24.4E.00.10.zip  
    To learn more about how to use the files in this archive, please visit the thread below:

    Donation link
    In case you want to buy me a beer
    Thanks and cheers! 


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  2. Free


    Alienware M17x R3 A12 unlocked BIOS with tweaks on SATA settings
    Files contained in this archive:
    AtpTimerInfo.dll Ding.wav FWUpdLcl.exe InsydeFlashx64.exe iscflashx64.dll iscflashx64.sys PAR00MEC.fd platform.ini READ ME.txt xerces-c_2_7.dll  
    To learn more about how to use the files in this archive, please visit the thread below:
    Donation link
    In case you want to buy me a beer
    Thanks and cheers! 


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  • File Reviews

    • By GonePh1shing · Posted
      Works great so far on my P650HP6-G (Bought from Metabox in AU). Most of the newer official Clevo BIOS versions were causing serious issues for me (Failed to POST after some Windows updates, and had to use all sorts of crazy AHCI workarounds to get any Linux distro to boot). This mod flashed perfectly first go and haven't run into any issues so far.
    • By fly91927 · Posted
      The newest version can Break P770DMG, please careful.
    • By ReD-DeViL · Posted
      need help after flashing this bios windows 10 no longer sees either of my nvidia 970m's but there both showing in bios ive tried flashing standard bios and still get same problem they worked fine before i flashed your unlocked bios all windows shows is microsoft basic display adapter ive tried everything and searched for hours and hours with no luck tried all drivers and used driver uninstaller and did a clean install of windows, nvidia drivers dont detect cards so cant install the drivers please help thanks..... Right update ive managed to get the drivers on by reverting back to standard bios and modifying the .inf file in the driver as for some reason the cards id's have changed but only problem is iam stuck at 65hz instead of the standard 75hz and iam no longer able to overclock to 100hz screen goes fuzzy after 65hz and ive also lost g-sync i guess i may have to try force an older bios as it stills says same bios version as the unlocked one
    • By redmewmeow · Posted
      I got Secure Flash Rom Verify Fail error. Please help.
    • By Raha · Posted
      Thanks a lot- is the GT683 also for GT683DXR? 
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