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  2. I'm looking to buy/donate for a Prema work of art for a P775DM3-G. My enthusiasm and eagerness has made me ask in more than one place, I hope you can forgive me Prema
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  4. Mine installed fine. It seems to have improved battery life also ever so slightly. I still might want to try the modded bios though.
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  6. After finding the lowest stable voltage it's fine on mine. Too low and the laptop will just hang and need to be force-restarted. Getting a laptop cooling pad or just elevating the laptop helps a ton.
  7. I have this problem even on the factory wifi card... but it seems to be not as bad after updating the drivers.
  8. No, any multiplier lock will still be in effect.
  9. Sorry, I would like you to unlock VBIOS for 960M, and unlock additional menus and settings, thank you
  10. Found this helpful. Thanks.
  11. Have you tried the app ideafan? It works well on my machine.
  12. WOW this is awesome... Might have to get one of these for my y510p!
  13. I got a 7260 card, hopefully it will work after flashing my BIOS with the whitelist mod.
  14. Whats with the download? It just says If you are unable to download this file, it may be due to one or a combination of the following reasons: Oh nevermind. I figgured it out. Another question though. If i am on 3.08 do i just need to downgrade?
  15. Seems like great work, will donate some as soon i get promoted Do i need a specific bios version? (mine is E1763IMS.70k) Tryd to look arround on the msi support side but got confused with the wierd listings they do.
  16. i saw a video where someone uses a 1070 on a macbook, explain that, internet:1 you:0 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvdfkdu08PY
  17. Ok. Does it work for locked CPUs?
  18. Yes it will. HM77 is the chipset that was actually meant for overclocking.
  19. Have a look at the EVGA Cards, they offer ITX-Size which should fit into the housing without modification. Just ordered the 1060, will let you know how it works out...
  20. Ordered the same, is it working well? Clearance to the Akito-Case top? I'm planning to replace the GTX 960...
  21. Will this work on an HM77 Chipset? I have a Lenovo ideaPad S400 touch and I have ran a stress test for an hour and a half and the maximum I see the temperature hit is 71 Celsius. It usually runs at around 40 degrees on standard workloads. Also, does it need a locked CPU and what do I do if I wipe my bios? I really want to try this but am afraid of bricking my laptop. If there is a way to fix this, I will definitely try this. Please let me know.
  22. Tom Clancy's The Division™ Ultra (all to MAX) + SMAAx1 with 1680x1050 I can play the game with 30-35 FPS on my retina display... great game
  23. Before I do anything stupid, Is the unlocker good for an Aurora R4? the unlocker says that it's for m18Xr2 so i'm not sure. thanks
  24. You can read my thread for 2015 13"MBP + 1060 in the projects. Ad1) sometimes it takes only 6mins to reainstall drivers before play. Sometimes its an hour to elaborate and reinstall and trying everything possible. Ad2) having Evga 1060 6GB SC with no Akitio TH2 modification Ad3) dont know Ad4) Running win10 from External USB2 SSD (samsungT1) fine. It has issues to install new build of win 1602 but im ok with 1511 or so.
  25. Just wondering since the p375sm and p377sm are about the same, is it OK to flash my p375sm with p377sm Prema bios?
  26. Someone know if CLEVO p751dm-g supports i7 7700k ? and someone can help me to change the bootlogo ? this is my stock bios CLEVO p751dm-g https://mega.nz/#!84lDwQwA!mVep6NpDuLPR2jB8orIDEHholpv9SxvhxBxTYTvrnQc
  27. Watch Dogs 2 also have option to choose the Display and the Video Card - its amazing if the new games keep this option! Ultra (all to MAX) + MSAAx2 with 1680x1050 I can play the game with 30-35 FPS on my retina display... no comment
  28. I don't know about your specific case but at first, I had some issues with launching my MBP 2012 as well. As far as I remember, resetting the PRAM helped (make sure to rerun the automation script afterwards). Then, it was about figuring out the timing and the order of turning things on. For me, I turn on the external monitor, the egpu and then the mac, one after the other. I turn on the egpu by turning on the power supply which takes about 2-3 seconds to start up so only then I actually start the mac. Perhaps try to tinker with this too to find just the right routine :). As for the power-off issue, that might suggest something more serious. I'm no expert but system log may be useful to the community :). I think you should also start a new thread and not hijack this old one.
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