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  2. Hi! I'm Windows 10 and EVGA Precision X "evil magic" victim aswell. let me tell ya' my story. I downloaded EVGA Precision X and overclocked GPU a bit too much and it crashed. Green artifcats came on screen, nothing worked so i force shut down pc. After reboot i couldn't see anything because of pernament black screen (even in BIOS), my only friend was external monitor. Later i removed LCD many times display cable from panel ( N173HGE-L11 ) and re-installed nVidia drivers. After many attempts i managed to get life back into this panel, but only in Windows with gfx divers enabled. In regedit it's possible to see that the panel is using its own IDs but also external monitor's IDs, so i think it's not working without those. Yesterday i found this thread and i tested edid-rw, no luck. i also tried windows-based edid dumper called "dumpEDID", for this time it shows two monitors with same id, one is external one and other is build-in panel. It's impossible to re-falash eeprom in Linux, because of lack of responding addresses so i don't know which to flash. Any ideas, guys? Any help would be welcome, Thanks!
  3. Guys when i try to backup the bios i get "Error 200: Invalid parameter value specified by user. Use -? option to see help." when i execute the Backup file it opens and close instantly and i don't get any backup.bin file ... any help or solution please ?
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  5. GTA IV (2008) Very High (all to MAX) +SMAA with ENB mod and textures mods + car mods with 1680x1050 I can play the game with 30-35 FPS on my retina display... The best story in game for me, and after 9 years finally i can run it to the max, its look great with all mods - REPLAY!
  6. Mine are ~41 with normal loads like chrome tabs /w stock voltages. You could try sanding down the heat sink surface and make sure it is making proper contact with the CPU die. 60c is really high for Idle, Are you using a good thermal paste? I had the same problem before with a cheap thermal paste.
  7. Alright everyone, the server was wiped this morning for a few reasons: 1. We want to give new players a fresh chance to level up since those of us who started with the server had a pretty big advantage. 2. We need to set some rules and a fresh wipe will set those in stone. That said, the rules are as follows: No offline raiding - if you're caught doing this, all your buildings will be demolished by an admin and you will be killed forcing loss of your belongings. If it happens a second time, you will be banned. No placing objects inside mountains where they cannot be reached. If you do this by mistake, contact an admin to rectify it. No foundation spamming, this will result in a warning then ban. Because avatars are disabled, building bases in unreachable locations (e.g. on mountains that require stairs to reach) is prohibited. Building near NPC spawn (e.g. NPC towns/villages/caves) that causes them to cease to spawn will result in your building being removed by an admin. In addition, we are testing settings and right now the server is at 3x ALL so if you are happy with that, let us know. Good luck and have fun!
  8. My idle temps currently is 38c-43c I have the grill removed, washer/spring mod applied, and 6 pieces of copper attached to heatpipe and aluminum with a cooling pad, also thermal "glue" applied to the GPU pipe over the CPU area. Its why Im a little irritated with my load temps lol, 82c Got to work on lowering the temps more.
  9. My idles are around 60C, even after repasting and adding some thermal paste under the GPU heat pipe to help the CPU. Even a 100mv undervolt has not helped much. Is there any way to decrease my temps?
  10. I'm trying to get promoted. Do you have to start 5 new discussions to be counted as "posts" or can it just be 5 replies to the discussion??
  11. Thats awesome man, thanks for sharing! I figured it would be a 50/50 chance of it working but stoked that it does. Making it a clean looking install is more challenging but at this stage I believe function over form is what we're after anyways
  12. If you are referring to the usage of both the Ultrabay PCIe and SATA slots concurrently, then it is definitely possible. I am doing this right now. You just need the correct cable. I'm using this one from Amazon. It allows you to connect the Ultrabay SATA port to an HDD caddy. This one connects directly to the HDD without the caddy. Here's my (messy) setup.
  13. Sweet, I figured with how locked this system is out of the box that it would likely disable the SATA port if Ultrabay was populated. I dont have an extra drive right now so I cant test it myself. @ghoul Hmm quite the hurdle. Chassis is already cut for more airflow, Im not throttling anymore but temps are still way too high, the fan curve just sucks. I've already cut the wire for the ultrabay and still 15c higher than GPU1 at stock volts, have to undervolt to keep it from reaching 97c eventually. Which is the motivation for the larger fan on the ultrabay side. This is unfortunate that the 4930mx is too much for the y510p, I recall xoticpc selling these laptops with the option for 4930mx back in the day but maybe no one actually bought any. There really isnt much point to getting the 48xx/49xx though as they are just as locked to 47w and thus cant actually access the higher multipliers when under significant load, might change some under gaming but would make it difficult to test for stability I would imagine. In a nutshell, its either stick with the 4700mq or undergo heavy modification to accommodate the 4930mx/4940mx. I actually like the second option, the challenge seems fun but since there is the price hike on those chips Ill have to wait a while before pulling the trigger on it, its also likely ill just buy it from another laptop on ebay, some are going for 900 when the chip itself goes for 500-600. Spacer was probably the wrong term, I should have said washers. I have no way of locating them here in Korea at the moment, I'll just test it and see how it works out, I've had success with them in the past. Regarding the heatpipes, I've already purchased the copper heatsinks. The idea is to transfer as much heat to the other pipe as possible, I have already glued the GPU pipe to the CPU portion but temps are still differing greatly. Im sitting in a somewhat populated area in Final Fantasy 14 at the moment with 28% load @ 79c-82c (3.4Ghz 4 core -90mv core/-90mv cache) while GPU1 is 65c -25mv (stock clocks) and GPU2 70c -50mv (stock clocks) its my opinion (no hard data to back this) that the heatpipes are already underutilized due to low fan curve. Its why replacing with larger fan is a great idea because even though it will just lower rpm of the fan due to increased airflow when it hits top load temps the end result should still be lower than stock solution. In any case, if it doesnt work out, I can just as easily pull them off, but thats unlikely as Ill need them to transfer heat to the GPU pipe after its disabled. Fun little project at least
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  15. Just ordered one on ebay. I'm so excited to test this out.
  16. @TheReciever First of all forget 4.5 even large AW machines are unable to run them at that speed, heat and power is too much. 4.2 with AW, but never gonna happen in this machine for multiple reasons. First of all 4910MQ is 47W cpu. 4930MX's deafult IA max current is 95A and Lenovo bios sets it 86 if i remember correctly. Evven with unlocked bios, tried to increase it, but nothing happened. So did the cTDP failed to work, no matter, how i set it in bios, MSR as set according, and XTU was able to read those settings, but throttling occured way before that, porbably,because of current limit, which is programmed by EC after bios init, so those settings are overwritten. With undervoltin, was able to run Throttlestop bench @57W TDP throttling, cpu speed was hovering between 37 and 38 multi. Don't expect more from Lenovo, and with 47W cpu, it will be even lower. With more current usage,like AVX load, speeds where down as 3.0 with 4700MQ, didn't tried that with 4930mx, probably you will understand why Lenovo repair manual for motherboard states clear, 47W cpu max, use cooling on vrm, and expect it to fail over time And remove battery, when you tempering around VRM, those are under power ,and risking shortage( been there, done that... tried to move thermal pad over with screwdriver, motherboard almost died, had to repair it) What spacer are you trying to remove? If you want more pressure on chip, use washer mod, copper shim will introduce another layer of thermal interface between chip and heatsink. Regarding extra heatsink... For heatplate( let's call it that), as you can see, you can add copper sink, but, this is a two sided weapon. You will gain, for being more thermally capacitive( English not my native, excuse me if it is unenglish ), and heat from chip will be absorbed by copper heatsink as well, delaying temp increase nad flattening down heatspikes. But, downside is, the are dissipating to chassi, so eventually, when final temps are equalized, temps will be as high as without them. Cooling down will be slowed as well, so only reason to use them is for this. But, putting those on heatpipe in the chassis, will make it even worse, because it will downgrade the efficiency of heatpipe, since not all heat will absorb outside the chassis, but part of it inside. Strongly unadvised. Cutting chassis,so fan will be able to breath more fresh cold air is a better approach. But don't forget, VRM will be hotter,since airflow over it will be lower. Those outside sucker are as good to practice throwing to dumpster. Use brown wire cut switch, and it will force fans to run at max speed. Sata can be connected via flexy cable, so 1 m.2 and 2 sata devices can be inserted, if you strip sata ssds, 2 can fit on top of each other at original location. Almost forgot, fan is XN0G5 part number , AW m14 R2 fan. 4 pins inner two pins have to be switched, and that's it. Edit, did forgot something: Even with original 4700mq downvolted, inner power cable at motherboard side was almost burned. Switched out, but when used with 4930mx motherboard pins became so hot it occured after two weeks or so. If you want to use it for folding, replace power cable and solder it onto motherboard. I used 2.5 mm2 speaker cables, which was a pain in the ass to route under left speaker, and getting motherboard out became harder as well.
  17. Hi ALL Is it possible to install a 120hz display? Has anyone People a photo of the cable? THX. Rainer
  18. You have nothing left but try, starting with BIOS (if clevo), or vBIOS, I'd rather try on different drivers.
  19. I did a bit of research and found out that my notebook only has a 180Watt PSU. I searched a bit here and saw that a couple of people made their own 240Watt PSU for their P150HM notebooks. I was wondering if there is a guy here who would be willing to make a 240Watt PSU for me as well and sell it to me? I don't have tools to make my own PSU nor do i have the knowledge for it.
  20. This is a 2GB Vbios for GTX680M,this is from a Medion Erazer(MSI) they use only GTX680M with 2GB. GTX680M2GB.rar
  21. @TheReceiver About the secondary SATA port, it should work along the ultrabay since they're separate connectors. I'll give it a try once I receive the male-to-male SATA cable that I ordered specifically for this purpose. In order to get the most out of your CPU w/Ultrabay; The Opolar vacuum coolers are great if you don't mind the noise. Un-shrouding the bottom cover would certainly be a better solution and a quieter one. the trick is to provide an ample fresh air flow to the air intake under the laptop. I am really clueless about the batteries. But I can tell you this much; Avoid batteries that are not from lenovo coz there is a good chance that the laptop will refuse to charge them.
  22. One last question and I won't bother you anymore: (factory) DELL GTX680M is a 2GB model GPU, (factory) MSI GTX680M is a 4GB model GPU. And we are talking about flashing with UNVERIFIED (or modified) 2GB MSI vBIOS (knowing that factory MSI is s 4GB model)? Don't you think this can cause problems and brick my GPU? Do you think it will work? https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/154729/154729 Look what says at techpowerup.com (link above): Warning: You are viewing an unverified BIOS file. This upload has not been verified by us in any way (like we do for the entries listed under the 'AMD', 'ATI' and 'NVIDIA' sections).Please exercise caution when flashing it to your graphics card, and always have a backup. Thank you very much for your help. You're very kind
  23. Anybody ? Anyone ? Help !
  24. Did anyone catch that? All I understood was "".
  25. A custom desktop PC may be easier to install and troubleshoot than an eGPU. Any kid who knows how to put square pegs in square holes can figure out the former, and there are many high-production-value resources widely available to hold your hand if you don't know how. I'm not recommending that you go and build a PC. I'm just stating the fact that "I'll build a eGPU since it's probably easier than building a PC" is bs. There are many guides and sample systems that you can choose to follow. Use your best judgement.
  26. >falls into the PCMR "more wants more" consumerist trap >sells current card >has no idea what to do after the fact Don't fix what isn't broken, especially if you don't know how the 'what' even works.
  27. hi guys, I have a 5742G with 540m, windows 7, a BEAST v8.4d and a GTX670. When I connect everything and I turn on the laptop screen remains dark and the adapter for the GPU turns on a green LED. Is there an easy way for this to work? thank you so much
  28. I have succesfully flash my p650se Bios. now i want to flash the vBios on my 970m with this [P6xxSE_GTX970M_OC_PM_v1.1.1] but every time i hit the "Modme.bat" i get this error.. current vBIOS is the 84.04.1F.00.BD.. Hope can help me..
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