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  2. Thanks for the answer, runix18! I was really thinking, they just paralyzed these 3 modules Any idea, where to get a BIOS/EC for the above mentioned type of mobo? These "baked" versions look interesting, but i couldnt figure out which one to take. (I´ve actually found an unverified VBIOS for the soldered 3gb gpu earlier this day!)
  3. There is nothing named "TCC". What I tried is in the picture. But these settings seem to have no effect at all. Still 85 degree limit. The BD PROCHOT setting on the CPU thermal page has no effect either.
  4. Hi @Klem,I am new in this forum and would be grateful if you could mod my bios; - T440p BIOS v2.54- Whitelist removal Wifi Card- Unlock Advanced MenuHere is the link to BIOS file: https://cdn.dominictaylor.co.uk/cdn/BIOS/new.binThanks in advance
  5. Hello, I'd like to change my WiFi card. Could You help me with whitelist removal and unlock BIOS? Thanks a lot. results
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  7. Last week
  8. Hello Party people First of all apologies for my bad english. For a couple of weeks now I own a Clevo from "Mifcom", got it rly cheap from Ebay (400EUR). On the bottom sticker it says "P671RE", but GPU-Z is reading out "p65_p67rgrera". The GPU is a 970m 3GB (with Optimus). I am currently running the BIOS version 1.05.12. and it is locked as f... -.- I would love to get hands on a proper unlocked BIOS for full fun. I've also heard that flashing the VBIOS of the 970m would "bring out the monster" :). BTW, i repasted both CPU and GPU and i noticed the extra 3 VRAM-Modules (6 all together) next to the GPU. Are they just "dead"? Could you actually somehow activate them for having the full 6GB? Thank you very much in advance.
  9. Hi! Search in new unlocked menu settings named as TCC activation or same, if you find it, then post screenshot.
  10. Is there somewhere an option in the BIOS to change that 85 degree throttle limit of the CPU in the z710? Lenovo set it to the lowest possible value when Intel actually allows up to 100 degrees.
  11. JustAnotherModder

    Unable to send PMs

    Also, what would the minimum membership level that allows PMs be?
  12. Hi @Klem, Please help me with mine. I would like to have my bios unlock My Laptop: Assus N550JV. Here are the results: https://www.sendspace.com/file/muzbt7 Thanks
  13. Tinkerer

    Those with OC'd 60hz Panels

    Agreed, and I do like vsync, though I'm not sure what my minimum would be for that "very good and smooth" feeling. However I actually recently bought this laptop with the intention of upgrading to the 120Hz panel anyways. I just succeeded in that last week thanks to the guide on NBR, and curiously the 120Hz panel can only OC to 125Hz before it blacks out. I would guess the higher refresh rate screens are already pushed to the limit?
  14. JustAnotherModder

    Unable to send PMs

    Hi, whenever I try to send a PM to a user I get this message: {username} cannot receive messages. Is it because of my pre-promotion status or how does it work? Thank you.
  15. GrayCryptoSpordium

    M15x 970m setup NEEDS HOLY WATER!

    Well everyone...I have a confession to make-I flashed svl7 modified 970m vbios before I wiped my drivers! Everything seemed to run fine, I could game but noticed my clocks fluctuating a bit crazy. Figured I'd try a OC profile in afterburner while running a 27 27 26 26 clock in TS a bit stupid I know. Well 3d mark froze so I did a reboot...Black Screen on startup I heard windows boot so I feared I bricked my card. Tried external monitor..works fine. This is where my stupidity really hit the cosmos. I had another m15x 900p LCD laying around plugged that in. Worked fine back too overclocking bro! Well same thing happened. My profile was not overly crazy as I can remember. But I bricked another screen. Plugged in external monitor everything fine. I was using latest nvidia drivers 436.48 I believe. So I wiped drivers using DDU. Reflashed to stock clevo bios. Tried both LCD again still nothing. Installed old 7970m still nothing. Cleared CMos again nope. Reinstalled 970m with svl7 vbios with newest driver and been gaming on my external monitor. Have done some OC with inspector. Everything seems to work as it should. Temps and performance are great. Did I brick my monitors??? Never heard of this problem.
  16. stretchyplastic

    G75VW [MOD] BIOS Late to Party

    Nice to see ya! To see ya, nice! First off, THANKS Svl7 for the modded G75VW unlocked-overclock BIOS. Granted, I'm very late to the party. Still... THANKS! Short story short, old friend gave me a G75VW and as much as I appreciate it (coming from an Acer Aspire 5742 - cough cough) I was tearful when getting a whiff of the GTX 660M. Read much and thanks to ROG forum (Dreamonic posts in particular) found nerve to flash the Svl7 BIOS. Despite TeH horror stories, all went well. No black screen, no blue screen, no need for Gary Fix... The modded BIOS (223) works great. While doing my homework "in case of classic ASSus famous bricking" I collected some interesting BIOS variants. Esp some "8mb dumps." In case somebody else finds G75VW modding same way I did........ Late. If anybody wants those dumps (incl a VX "DAVE MOD" that looks like a 670MX) I kept them, just ask. Anyway, THANKS Svl7. 1275+/3000 really woke this 660M up. I use "ASSus" as owner of Rampage IV Extreme... nuff said. Peace be witcha. SP
  17. Hi Klem! A big thank you for your work, could you please remove the whitelist and unlock the hidden menus ? The BIOS of my t440p (2.54): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ECB51aCIlK_T7mRVP28xVWzcHsTlt0U- Thanks you in advance.
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