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  2. M17x R4 w/ GTX 765M Upgrade

    Usually you do not need a modified bios in the R4. Just disabled driver signature enforcement and a modified INF.
  3. 12.5" HP Elitebook 2570P Owner's Lounge

    Here she is! Unfortunately I spoke too soon about the wifi card's hackintosh compatibility. The card it came was not supported. I still need to find a compatible wi-fi broadcom card. Btw, does the Elitebook 2570p came with Bluetooth module? I can't open my Elitebook yet because of the warranty. https://imgur.com/a/LQyNM
  4. 14" Dell Latitude E6440 Owner's Lounge

    Check 4702/4712MQ. Those CPUs are 35TDP and only few % less power than 4700MQ. I have 4702MQ in mine and never had thropttling problems.
  5. Just got my hands on a dGPU E6440 off eBay for a great price. It came with i5 CPU so looking to do a quick upgrade to an i7 quad. I plan to use this laptop as a secondary machine for casual gaming (WOW mostly) and web browsing etc. This thread has lots of useful info, but I'm a bit confused as I'm new to techniques addressing TDP limiting, and the link posted in this thread that details it is no longer working. So I have no idea or pointers on how to even do that. I do not plan to overclock, just run the highest possible CPU at stock without any complicated mods, just some Artic Silver thermal paste. Can anyone tell me definitively if I can upgrade to i7-4700MQ or i7-4800MQ without hitting any TDP limits while gaming with dGPU, without doing any additional mods besides swapping CPU? Thanks!
  6. GS60 970m 3gb vbios unlock?

    Hi! Ok. Check PM.
  7. M17x R4 w/ GTX 765M Upgrade

    always make sure to disable driver signature enforcement check and have unlocked bios and INTEL HD GRAPHICS DISABLED FROM BIOS ...and a modified INF file xD
  8. Yesterday
  9. GS60 970m 3gb vbios unlock?

    hi @Klem I bought a used GE62 2QF (970m) when i was testing it , it throttle alot when i reach 87c from clock 1038 to 747. Bios version is Its the last vBios in Msi website but there is a newer one but dont know if it will be compatible with my GPU is there a way to remove thermal limitation? thx for time. regards. Edit: I just updated my vBios to (attached) but no change,still throttle at 87c.
  10. Y510p RAM upgrading

    So what was the outcome? I had never managed to hear back from anyone and also need the upgrade
  11. Favorite MMO?

    I keep coming back to World of Warcraft because I grew up with the stories of the whole franchise. The addons community is amazing as well.
  12. Favorite TV Shows / Newsgroups Discussion

    All anime lately buut the Punisher has just come out. Last I watched was One Punch Man and I think everyone should check it out, even if you don't watch anime. It's just too good and appeals to superhero fans.
  13. hello guys

    Hello to you to. I think there is a small bit of activity here.
  14. What's your first personal computer?

    Does a C64 count? I mean it was a keyboard but still! I can't remember my first desktop, it was an unknown japanese brand and it wasn't great (couldn't run Warcraft 3 etc.) but I was able to play Baldur's Gate and Snes games so it was good enough.
  15. Favorite MMO?

    I would say Star Wars Galaxies for its freedom. I was there after the patch that made the game worse and not that long before it was shut down, unfortunately. I got to be a fighter pilot for a company. Other than that WoW is my favourite. For some reason I get the urge to resub every winter. I hope they keep it running and it doesn't go the way of SWG.
  16. hi i just joined the site. I've had a laptop since 2012 and amazingly it can still run games. I have been overclocking it for the majority of those years on my GT 640m. More than one occasion I have smoothly run games that are apparently beyond its limitations. If anything the problem with it has been overheating but an occasional clean sorts that out! There is a bios mod on this site which can push it even further and I am excited to try it out.
  17. Hello guys! I have a problem with my HP 8770W and Quadro K3000M. I flashed a modified bios with an unlocked core clock but after i flash nothing changes. I tried numerous solutions as in changing drivers, reflashing pc bios and so on and nothing helps. Any ideas would be apreciated
  18. If portability is a concern, get a 15”. Hands down. I’ve used my 18” as a student some years ago, and it was a pain. It was less of a hassle when I worked, but I never thought that having a bigger laptop made things better within such context. As for heat issues, larger laptops usually have better temperatures. Again, I don’t think a good 17” laptop will ever justify itself being picked over a 15” unit when there is constant portability factor involved. It’ll only lead to physical health issues. To be honest, your current unit seems good enough right now. Also, I realize that this thread is quite dated now. I hope you came to a good decision.
  19. M17x R4 w/ GTX 765M Upgrade

    Can you explain what problem you're having?
  20. GDC Beast Problems - Please help

    That sounds strange. Provide a link to this adapter.
  21. is there still anyone having M15x? i get mine about month ago.. purchase price was awesome 100€ edit. is there anyone in EU having gpu cards on this thing to sale? now it has useless 5870 and looking better one.. laptop is girlfriends FB machine now.
  22. I found this person's post that might just help you. This is the unlocked BIOS that he mentioned.
  23. M18x R2 Purchased new late 2013 Core i7 3740QM GTX675m x2 SLI mode(1 card died today) 16GB RAM 1TB x2 RAID All working perfect till today, cold booted then OS loaded & 1 GPU died just as Win7 loaded. I have a GTX970m laying around that I will try out.
  24. Hi, everyone. I'm mostly here looking for solutions for an unlocked M18x R1 BIOS.
  25. M18x R1 Unlocked BIOS for GPU upgrade?

    You have to have 5 QUALITY POSTS.
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