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  2. Hi Klem, I need your help for modding my BIOS so I may use different wireless card that is not currently allowed You may find my BIOS details here: https://www.sendspace.com/file/j0izle Many thanks for your help! Best regards, Pep
  3. Hi! Please, read carefully the first post of this thread. As first step you need to use hardware SPI programmer (for example CH341A) to create your bios dump.
  4. Am facing the same problem. Hope anyone here can help me too. Thanks in advance. Regards,
  5. Have you got any idea of what i can try to do to fix this problem? I tried installing a lot of drivers but in the better scenario they worked for a week.. it's about 2 months i'm going mad with this gpu.. thx
  6. You know, working with people is always stressful. That's why it is high time to leave this work and earn money differently. In my opinion, e-commerce is a good idea. Moreover, now you can use magento integration services and it gets much easier to run your business online. That's why it is available for every person
  7. Am facing the same problem. Hope anyone here can help me too. Thanks in advance. Regards,
  8. Last week
  9. Hi Klem. I need help for remove whitelist. i cant use my new wi-fi Adapter((( My backup https://www.sendspace.com/file/15icv9
  10. Hello! I have Lenovo G500 and I want to install a new WLAN Card. Can anyone remove Whitelist from my Bios. I dumped my Bios, Here it is: https://www.sendspace.com/file/hlx3u6 Thanks!
  11. Hi! I think this problem may be related with Windows 10. In this case just try to create bootable USB flash drive with Windows 8.1PE, then try boot from this bootable USB flash drive, and then run backup tool.
  12. Hi Klem, I tried your steps and got error. Am stuck with this. Got error at very first step. C:\>H2OUVE.exe -gv vars.txt Now parsing Variable Information. LoadDeviceDriver fail, GetLastError = 0x2 Failed to get bios data! Fail to get Variable Information. My Laptop is Acer E5-553G-T9VU please help.
  13. hi . i am trying to update wlan and chk the usb problems for my laptop and my battery is dead . this is my bios buckup : https://www.sendspace.com/file/2v2db8 edit : here is anther buckup inclouding rom file : https://www.sendspace.com/file/bdxqck thanks for help
  14. Hi Klem, can i ask you to unlock my alienware m17x r4 a15 bios? I have several issue with perfcap reason pwr with my gtx 980m and i want to try messing around the power section in modded bios. here's the download link: https://mega.nz/file/0qJDDIIC#UO73fJAiYeXSTz3nbewd12uHl8k-LowPyV4XNECzOlg thank you.
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  16. Corbett National Park offers you with the facilities of Jungle Safari. One can look for nature safari, to have bird watching and enjoying the precious nature. Hi Team, This is Jim corbett ahamad safari group from Jim corbett national park. We are a travel agency based in Jim Corbett city, India working on online & offline bookings. With increasing clients and expansion phase, we are working on direct contracts for the booking of Hotels and Activities. We would like to work with you and would be glad if you can share exclusive B2B rates for Jim corbett safari rides. Please contact us for jim corbett safari we are providing all details(including different gates) Please feel free to connect with us over call & email in case of any queries. We want to build a strong connection and work together to benefit both of us. Farman Ahamad (Tour Operator) OFFICE ADDRESS LG- 17, Aasthan Mall Ranikhet Road Ramnagar, Uttarakhand- 244715 Whatsapp & Call: +91-7088800090,+91-8006516962 E-mail- jimcorbettahmadsafari@gmail.com Web- http://www.jimcorbettahamadsafari.com/ OurHotels:-CORBETT|Nainital|Kausani|Mussoorie|Ranikhet|Shimla|Amritsar|Chandigarh
  17. I have a iBuypower CZ-17 laptop, with a 2012 AMI BIOS that has E1762 as the version, which I believe means I have an MSI G70 motherboard. It has a 675MX GPU, but it's not useable in Windows 10 despite being "seen" in the device manager. I believe an updated, unlocked BIOS would fix my issue and have located the thread on this site with the BIOS I need. First of all, am I right? Will this fresh BIOS make my laptop that originally ran Windows 8 work with this old GPU? And second, I created this account, will wait 24 hours and made this post. Is that enough to allow me to download the file, or do I need to post elsewhere? Thanks!
  18. HI can anyone provide me with vbios of asus GL553VD as i have bought a new chip of nvidia gtx 1050 same as per oem and its giving me BSD while installing lastest drivers and when i am installing old drivers it does not give BSD but there is an exclamation mark on Nvidia Gtx in device manager. i would like to flash vbios of this laptop but i am unable to find one. it will be really really helpful if someone can provide me or save it through cpuZ thank you in advance.
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