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  2. I have M17xR4 120hz , i noticed recently the GPU fans stopped kicking and temps go wild resulting in freezes and random restarts, even on idle.. the only thing that makes the fans work again is running HWiNFO64 fan control every time I startup the PC. does anyone have the same issue? why it happens? also how can i get it back to its original state without having to run a 3rd party software to make it work (because that feels really odd). also updating the GPU driver to latest version results in a completely black screen and error 43 in device manager. I tried formatting, reinstalling windows, tried Windows 10, Windows 8.1.. same issue.. I have A15 BIOS and i tried other versions as well Repasted the GPU as well as the CPU, and the laptop is completely dust free. GPU : Nvidia GTX 675m Driver version: 331.65 Windows 8.1 thanks
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  4. Thanks Klem. Here's that file you requested. I did notice a number of errors flashing up while that program ran so I don't know if that impeded the results for you. Please let me know if it did & I'll flash the unmodded bios and try again. Thanks. Regards. https://www.sendspace.com/file/12q52g
  5. Hi! Now I checked all links on the first page of this topic, all links are working. If you for some reason can't download files, then just read "User Account Promotion Rules": https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/announcement/4-user-account-promotion-rules-read-before-post
  6. I am quite embarrassed to open this topic but because I am willing to hold on to my old laptop but I couldn't access and tweak the voltage to my liking - causing it to always thermal throttle all the time. Got suggested by a lot of people to try this out. All options seemed to be locked on both GPU and CPU on Throttlestop and MSI Afterburner. https://ibb.co/CWfkrLJ https://ibb.co/Fz9p0x1 I'm running Alienware 17 R3 (2015) so exactly the same as the poster's machine bios:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ea7dktu8wzCs5Adk7VCHn2vEx0O_8Nq0/view?usp=sharing
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  8. Dear @Klem, first of all, thanks for your assistance with our old laptops. I need an unlocked A15 bios for my m17xr4, could you please unlock it for me? Here it is: https://www.sendspace.com/file/ex6c3v
  9. 'G75VW-BiosFixer.zip seems to no longer be downloadable ... can anyone post it por post a link to it, thanks
  10. Hi. I don't have knowledge of reverse engineering, so I had found a solution to avoid crashing in VLC, Gom player etc (I could also play 4K videos), but with Windows Media Player only audio was working. Other than that, I had all aero effects and everything was working, however, what I did was a trick to mimic compatibility at least in part, but that didn't actually provide hardware acceleration, it was only enough to avoid crashes, to keep compatibility with 3rd party players and also have aero effects. You can try it as a backup plan. https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/topic/12141-intel-core-i7-8th-gen-with-windows-7-intel-uhd-graphics-620-driver-dell-inspiron-5770/ However, the original poster here did some reverse engineering as you read and fixed some files to also provide hardware acceleration not just mimic compatibility but actually give as well (hardware acceleration and everything). Since the time he had posted, I have been using his method instead all these years and I am typing at the moment from this laptop, I have never had any issues so far. Do you have a slightly different Intel Graphics card perhaps?
  11. in English Hello, I have problems with a k3000m Dell Precision m6700, I want it for gaming. I have seen that there are people who managed to do OC, could you tell me how from 0 please. Thank you
  12. Hola tengo problemas con una k3000m Dell precisión m6700 lo quiero para gaming he visto que hay personas que lograron hacer OC podrían decirme cómo desde 0 porfavor. gracias
  13. yes i have prema bio, my pc is recognized as eurocom X5 (i think ) , Also if ,the replacemente "inf" doesn´t work ,use this moethod donwload and extract the driver too a folder goo to device manager- select gpu - choose update controler on my pc , select the folder off the driver you extracted and click on the inf item ,then select the model of you´re gpu . then restart , should work even if you don´t have prema bios , the lastest bios support the 880m gpu , for what i saw on google .
  14. I remember reading that Intel removed something from their processors concerning video processing or decoding... That's kinda driving me to think about possibly getting an older one. I encode and reencode alot of video. But does look like the latest generation is a winner so far. Money isn't an issue, since I usually get a unlocked overclocked processor and a asus maximus extreme for the long run... I'm coming from a i7-3770k maximus extreme IV. Honestly it runs fine lol. But a 1 1/2 hour encode taking only 20 mins is a huge deal to me especially since electricity prices are retarded right now...
  15. Hi! Unfortunately I can't help you with your problem. But you can try to ask Prema in this place: https://premamod.com
  16. Pabloa2's download link is down. I'm also looking for the best method for a P150EM + 970m.
  17. Hi I'm looking for the best way to get the latest possible 970m 6GB drivers working on a P150EM. I found and flashed Prema v2, but I'm not sure if I need Prema v3b, or a vBIOS update. If you could provide files and or instructions I would greatly appreciate it.
  18. How did you get drivers running and everything? Do you need any of the Prema BIOS/vBIOS or is the inf+driver check disable enough?
  19. Can someone provide download links for v3b P150EM and fixed 970m vBIOS to allow new drivers to install?
  20. yes, i have an gtx 1070 on my p170sm
  21. Hello Klem! I have updated t440p bios to the newest version while having AX200 Intel Wifi Card by accident. Would you be so kind to unlock the bios with all the mods you have listed? Bios dump link: https://1fichier.com/?2u8pa9tlp93xtvn82r2c (first time working with SPI Programmer and test clips, so I hope I did it right). Thank you so very much!
  22. Will update this post later once I have the access with my results. Still proud owner of Y500. So after few days I was able to achieve 1108/2250 with stock voltage. Definitely satisfied with the results. Despite increasing my voltate sadly I am not able to go higher, Heaven benchmark crashes.
  23. As a owner of Y500 which have two of 650 I have to say you can still play some newer games for "wider audience" (LOL,HotS, Gwent,HeartStone) but the rest is just meh. I have to say that back in the day around 2015 when I bought it the laptop was superb and aged pretty decently.
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