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  2. Hi Klem. I have a Lenovo Ideapad Y50-70 (20378), could you help me removing the whitelists and enabling the advanced menu? Already got the results.rar file, please PM.
  3. New Seller of Clevo Models

    Just for information, in Spain they are sold by Mountain, I got mine from them, so far so good! https://www.mountain.es/
  4. Sure you can use the miniPCIe, but sadly you will have a massive bootleneck there
  5. Today
  6. Cleaning CPU before repasting

    I was told I could use Ethyl alcohol 98º, so I went for it, everything ok so far. It was easy for me to find it in the supermarket.
  7. MXM laptop information

    Well, I am happy with my clevo p170sma, cheaper than others, decent upradability (I could go from 980m to 1070). Extremely limited bios. So to upgrade gpu you have to use modified bios and drivers and also modified heatsink, not 100% sure about this last one. Cpu could be upgraded too. Here you can have an idea of what I am talking about http://www.eurocom.com/ec/upgrade(2,285,0)CLEVO_P170SMA_SAGER_NP8278
  8. GS60 970m 3gb vbios unlock?

    Hi! Your mod vbios done. Check PM.
  9. 12.5" HP Elitebook 2570P Owner's Lounge

    This is extremely weird. I had not touched the laptop since posting this and and booted it up just now. And guess what, I get the windows start up sound! The problem literally fixed itself. So weird...
  10. Hi, Imo and according to all the info I have gathered during these years, liquid metal will not give more than 4-5 ºC temp reduction, but delidding can give you as much as 10ºC drop, maybe even more, compared to stock. I am owner of a clevo p170ms, which is pretty toasty btw. Under synthetic load (stress test) i7-4710mq: 85ºC aprox. gtx 980m: 77ºC aprox. Temps while gaming rarely will go that high. My cpu came with no IHS (integrated heat spreader), not sure if the reseller delidds it or if intel distributed it without it. Also some tweaks here and there as undervolting cpu or heatsink modding can help reducing temps.
  11. Hi, Does anyone have A11 bios dump for E6430 intelGPU? QAL80 LA-7781P I need both U52 and U53 dumps. Thanks.
  12. GS60 970m 3gb vbios unlock?

    Hi, i have a MSI GS60 2QE Ghost Pro 4K with the 970M 6GB variant. Is it possible if you can unlock my vbios for me? I am running BIOS version GM204.rom
  13. 90 degrees GPU on P150SM-A - Update BIOS?

    Hi there, I am owner of a P170 and used to have pretty bad temps (88ish) on my 980m, after some research on google I came out with a solution. Problem: heatsink not completely flat to the gpu die, therefore poor heat transmission Solution: add a couple of washers on 2 heatsink screws to avoid this miss alignment To make fine adjustment, run furmark3D while tightening or loosing the screws and take a look to the temps how they increase or decrease. Not at home atm, but I can take some pictures of my pc when I get there, so you see what I did. Regards.
  14. Hi there! newbie over here, I have a Clevo P170sm for 2 years now and find this forum so full of extremely useful information. Gretings from Spain!
  15. I tried both Legacy and UEFI for boot modes. Neither seems to make a difference. I have disabled driver signing and that does not help. From what I understood, though maybe incorrectly?, is that I did not have to modify the INF file for the graphics card thanks to the latest Bios update. Is that not the case? I've tried with the most recent drivers for the GTX 980M and I've also tried with an older 362.0.0. The graphics card was a Clevo, that is allegedly compatible with Alienware devices. I'm at a loss. I read through page 6 of this forum and I don't think the pins are the issue as the card is seated properly. Any thoughts on needing to mod the INF and if so, any idea where I might look for directions to do so? Thanks!
  16. Are you using MSI 980gtx? and If so please refer to page 6 of this string and follow my posts.
  17. Is the bios set to peg or what is your bios setting for graphics?
  18. I've downloaded and installed the new BIOS. However, my M18xR2 alienware laptop still does not detect the Nvidia GTX 980m graphics card. I have downloaded the proper driver from Nvidia, but I can not install the driver because the system does not detect it. I thought once this new updated Bios was installed I would be able to install the new driver? Please advise.
  19. Yesterday
  20. error 43 on GTX 960

    Hello everyone! After unsuccessfully trying to set up gtx 1050, I decided to take a break. Now I want to set up gtx 960 instead. I am struggling to get my eGPU working since september 2017. I have read almost every topic about error 43 on this and other forums, but nothing helped me. So my problem is, that I get error 43 in device manager for gtx 960. I am using newest nvidia driver (390.77). Graphic card is normally detected in device manager, but fans do not spin (as I know gtx 960 cards activate them when card is hot enough). Specifications: -laptop: asus x75vc-cpu: intel i5 3230m-eGPU: zotac geforce GTX 960 (2gb gddr5)-PSU: DELL DA-2 -EXP GDC 8.4d; mPCIE -6pin to 6pin cable I have already tried to: -install 370.72 driver -set ATX power switch to ON -set delay to 7s -disable my dGPU (gt 720m) before installing driver -disable my dGPU after installing driver -different combinations of atx power and delay switch positions -clean install windows 10 (windows is installed on UEFI) I could also try to: -force gen1 speed using setup 1.35 -change exp gdc or 6pin to 6pin cable What do you think, could setup 1.35 help there? If anybody has any idea what could I do, please let me know. Your help would be really appreciated. Thank you!
  21. dell inspiron n5110 with gtx 750 or 750ti

    <a href=" https://in.pinterest.com/naveenseoeditsoft/">Download latest software</a> OK so it's a lon,g story, I'll try to make it short but I want to give as much informations as possible so it can help anyone interested about such project. <a href="https://myspace.com/naveen41">like software</a> https://trello.com/naveenkumar290
  22. M18x R1 - A05 with RST OROM 11.5

    It does not start if there are multiple different HDDs
    It does not start if there are multiple different HDDs
  23. Sorry, hadn't checked up on the forum in a while. I have since shifted to a full fledged desktop solution with a Vive, and also use Steam in-home streaming in Big Picture mode with some DualShock 4s on the ProBook. If I recall correctly, I got around 70% of the GTX 1070's performance on the ProBook, in games, and VR apps. But that was still plenty for the ProBook's 1366x768 screen, decent for a 1920x1080 external screen, and playable for the Vive's 2160x1200. (Although, yes, the expected performance scaling on the ProBook's screen wasn't as great, because of some of the ExpressCard slot's bandwidth being used to return the video signal to the internal display. It's always better with an external display hooked up to the graphics card's output ports.)
  24. Last week
  25. I'm sorry but why are you ignoring me? I sent you several messages and I even paid for your "beer"
  26. ACER E5-553G Request for AMD-V Unlock

    Hi! Ok. Check your PM box.
  27. ACER E5-553G Request for AMD-V Unlock

    Been trying to unlock this since I got this laptop. Stumbled on your thread today. Hope you can help! Tried digging around myself but I don't know enough about hex to do much about it. vars.zip
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