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eGPU experiences [version 2.0]

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Hi guys,

I'm kinda new to eGPU and I have a HP Probook 6306b. Can someone help to double-check my TOLUD?

Also, I'm planning to get the PE4C-EC060A V3.0 with the ASUS GTX 950M (no power supply connector).

I wonder as if anyone has tried this GTX 950M out and is it stabilized or I should get GTX 750M instead with 220W Dell adapter.

Any comment or help would be much appreciated. Thanks.  


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I have tried below setup and am still stuck with BIOS blue screen error.

Can someone please help me with the correct modded BIOS and the steps to use it? Would really appreciate any help in this matter. Thanks in advance.


My setup-

HP Laptop DV7t-6c00,  GTX 1050ti and eGPU Beast 8.0

BIOS is F.1C


Steps so far -

 > Connected eGPU and got blue screen, so TURN ON eGPU only after Windows loads

 > After windows load, turned on eGPU and got error 10. Installed the mobile driver & resolved it.

 > The got error 12. Performed DSDT with zero error to get Large Memory. Error 12 was resolved.

 > Now Device Manager shows that GTX 1050ti needs a restart but i still get BLUE screen BIOS error with auto-restart whenever i start laptop with the eGPU as ON. It goes on in loop.

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On 6/10/2015 at 8:14 PM, E-Tech Austria said:


I'm new here!

i've a dell latitude e6530 with hd 4000, 16GB RAM, windows 7 64 Bit and a vidock 4 with an gtx750ti OC!

So i need do DSDT Override my laptop, because my tolud is over 3,5gb!

So i did it like writen down at your manual but i still got now this error:


Does anybody know the problem or a solution?

I'm logged an with my account but i'm listed in the group administrators!

BR from Austria


First option you to do is check  Dell Latitude E6530  Manual in which  you will get complete long term process regarding how you fix error 12(most appearing error) while DSDT Overridding your laptop. Check it now. Procedure is given below:

At Windows boot menu, select Setup 1.35.
Boot Setup 1.35 -> menu-based.
Select PCI compaction->Endpoint=56.25GB (36-bit)
Select PCI compaction->Run compact. ...
Select startup.bat->Test Run.
Select Chainloader->Test Run.

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I recently purchased an Inspiron 15 7559, with a gtx 960m. I am currently toying with the idea of an egpu setup for it. But it seems i need a NGFF Version like pictured. Just curious if anybody has had any luck getting this setup on a dell inspiron 15 7000 gaming laptop working or not?



this is what im working with underneath 


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I bought a cheap mPCIE to PCIE adapter on ebay some time ago. I plugged it into my Samsung R530 along with a HD5770 and it worked right away. But I couldn't use 4 GB of RAM and couldn't get the DSDT-override to work. So I let it rest for some time.

Now I'm giving this another go and this time the GPU isn't detected. Neither by eGPU-Setup not by Windows. I tried plugging while sleep and after BIOS but nothing works. Also the fan of the card isn't spinning but the plug for the fan has between 10 and 12V. So I guess the card is powered. The card also gets a bit warm.

When I hotplug the adapter the Laptop goes blank or shuts down or nothing happens. Taping pin 22 doesn't do a thing.


The only thing that changed is a new processor. It was a T3100 Dual-Core and it is now a T9300 Core2Duo. But I don't think this is the reason it fails to detect.


I've ordered a new adapter of ebay but it will take some time to arrive. In the meantime, does anybody have another Idea?

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BTW: The card is working perfectly on my desktop PC. I also tried a Geforce GT 730 which isn't detected either.
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Hey guys! I just builty egpu setup with a Dell Inspiron 15-5557 and a RX 580 4gb. I disconnected my WLAN card that was on the ngff slot connected to the root port #5.  


But I have an issue: My graphics card needs a maximum speed of 8gt/s,but the root port #5 is being shown as maximum speed 2.5gt/s (note that this is the speed of the port, not the egpu or cable, which have 5gt/s)


My root port speeds (hw64) are the following:


Intel Skylake-U/Y PCH - PCI Express Root Port #0 [A1/C1]: 8gt/s (PCI Express 3.0)


Intel Skylake-U/Y PCH - PCI Express Root Port #1 [A1/C1]:
8gt/s (PCI Express 3.0) (dgpu gt 930m)


Intel Skylake-U/Y PCH - PCI Express Root Port #5 [A1/C1]:
2,5gt/s (PCI Express 1.0) (RX 580!)


Intel Skylake-U/Y PCH - PCI Express Root Port #6 [A1/C1]:
2,5gt/s (PCI Express 1.0)


I read somewhere that it is possible le to alter the speed of these ports in the bios, but since I changed my partition to mbr in order to be able to install the DIY EGPU SETUP 1.3, I've been unable to load uefi bios in my Dell system. 

My Dell bios version is Dell Inc. 1.1.7, 23/02/2016. 

My bigger dream is to change this root port speed to at least PCI 2.0,which supports 5gt/s, which is the maximum my egpu adapter can handle. (Gdc exp beast 8.4d,pci 2.0 @5gt/s)


Would that be possible? 


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is it possible to using external gpu using thunderbolt 2 with laptop ASUS G751JT notice that it have discrete gpu

i need to using two card first internal gpu with linux  and second external gpu with windows 10 with external monitor :)

finally as i plans to using it with Akitio Thunder2 PCIe Box but i afraid that not working or not compatible before i buy all stuff and requirement like psu etc.

waiting for answers pm me please.

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I realize that now that I might have been a little hasty in buying a DIY setup =). I just want to see if I can get at least some performance out of it but maybe thats not possible?. Right now I can allocate 128mb of pci space to it in setup 1.x but it runs like crap and is outperformed by my dGPU.

If i try to deprioritize my dGPU i can allocate 512mb of space but when i try to chainload it just gives me a blank prompt until i reset. And I cant remember what I did but i managed to allocate 512mb of space and boot up in 256 colors which i think is the "iGPU" taking over. Should i be looking at buying a suitable laptop instead or is there something i can do here?

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Hi everyone, I'd like to request assistance in installing the Setup 1.3 by ******.


So I'm basically stuck in creating a bootable USB. Following the instructions as stated in the guide, I've matched all of the settings of the RMprepUSB where you choose Freeloader Bootable and others. RMPrepUSB does complete the setup of creating a bootable drive however if fails in copying the files to the boot drive itself every single time.


Did anyone experience this?


I'm using a Toshiba L50 - B

with an 8 GB USB



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wish you luck,same for me, trying to figure out the problem is

On 10/2/2019 at 11:03 PM, lehokhanan said:


im trying a DYI project for the fist time, wish me luck, and thank you for all the help. This forum is great :)


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I could use my wirelesslan / bluetooth card slot to connect an eGPU. I am not sure tho how many lanes this slot supports. Motherboard is MS 1761 with HM67. My CPU is an i7 2920xm. My graphics card is a quadro m4000m (GTX 970m).

Which graphics card would be reasonable to use with my Setup in terms of:

using the avaiable lanes (it depends on the Task right?...Im gaming alot and Im rendering stuff from time to time)

not beeing bottlenecked to hard on the 2920xm

beeing an upgrade to my quadro



Thank you!

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Hi all,


Acutaly i test this material power on and mxm gpu face is hot if i have materal not detected in sysdm.cpl  its suxx iaml looking why;



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