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    Hello, I have this mesg not permitted for dl help plz
  1. Hi, olalala iam sux its possible to unlock acces download bios by xonar iam look my model is E1762 thanks all. I have this message cant download: Sorry, you aren't permitted to download this file.
  2. Hi, sorry lol Ha yes HPET not working in my motherboard for me
  3. Hi Klem, I have test upgrade version 70x and i have same problem gpu frequency not detected. The graphics card comes from an Alienware model and the card is bios locked I think the only solution is to flash the card on another laptop or use a programmer
  4. Hi, Screen me GPU-Z info please i look for you if possible command for flash with usb stick. You have backup original BIOS after unlocked your card ?
  5. Hi all; Iam new from techinferno I have a problem with this model laptop MSI GT70 0ND i search unlocked i cant download the MSI GT70 Unlocked.zip for my test because my GTX 880m not working for this laptop. In GPU--Z i have only 0 MHZ detected, iam test all DDU, new driver ect. I thinks better is programming with CH341A BIOS programmer for VBIOS gpu party its realy suxx for MXM models... because ROMID not detected ect.. Thanks for any info ect..
  6. Hi all, Acutaly i test this material power on and mxm gpu face is hot if i have materal not detected in sysdm.cpl its suxx iaml looking why;
  7. Hi all, I think better resolution its motherboard BIOS mod and VBIOS for compatiblity hardware and software ROMID ect. Actualy i looking dependence NV driver Branch 500 serie its locked and not good fonction with modded driver.
  8. Yop all, Test this software its realy good NVcleaninstall all download directly branch binaire and more avanced option after install and compile directly New setup.exe. > Disable signature ect
  9. Hi all, I have test HT for more games and not different performance; test in Cyberpunk 2077 HT off and on no diference
  10. DeG

    Unlock bios

    Hi your 880m stuck frequency because heatsink problem not good cooling 993 > Mhz to 405 ect
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