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  1. 1. Is the SSD NVME enabled? Product description page says it is, but I see no option to switch from AHCI in BIOS. 2. Are there multiple BIOS/UEFI in this system? I can't get to it with any key press before Windows starts. 3. What are my options to expand storage? Spare 2.5" bays and M.2/PCIE slots? 4. Option for Intel XMP in BIOS? Alternative to tweak memory? 5. The GTX 1070, is it the "mobile" version or the "regular" version? 6. Can i7-8750H performance be enhanced? Overclocked? Recommendations for clocks and voltage? 7. Recommendations for tweaking GTX 1070? Thanks
  2. Hi Klem, thanks for your help. Lenovo y50-70 i7 4720hq gtx 960m having some trouble tweaking it for best gaming performance (Overwatch). I can play around with CPU clocks and voltage, but the mobile maxwell GFX are leaving some room for improvement. I have NVFlash but the instructions to use it, linked from the OP, are missing the attachments that tell you what to do.
  3. I am trying to gain some control over my gtx 960m, but the guide to flash vbios is missing some info. Can someone explain what I'm supposed to do?
  4. I Have a macmini from 2013 and started to play some games with it in windows 7 ultimate. The performance on the onboard graphics is really not the best to play games so i thought i will get a EGpu to help with som boost. I bought a MSI GTX 760 ITX card (because it have a mini display port and i have an cinema display). And also a VIdock overdrive 4++ to have an enclosure. With the hardware i don´t have any problems the graphics card starts and run just fine. I also have a sonet pro adaptor. I have bought a copy of the program DIY e-GPU. And hopefully got it to work with an usb. At least i got it to boot on the screen.
  5. Has successfully flash to the unlocked A10 BIOS. Following the procedure as described: 1. Blind flash back to A05 BIOS 2. Re-Boot and enter BIOS to make necessary changes 3. Re-Boot and load Win7 4. Flash un-locked A10 5. Re-Boot and enter BIOS to make necessary changes (including unlocked options) 6. Re-boot and load Win7 7. Enjoy
  6. I realize that now that I might have been a little hasty in buying a DIY setup =). I just want to see if I can get at least some performance out of it but maybe thats not possible?. Right now I can allocate 128mb of pci space to it in setup 1.x but it runs like crap and is outperformed by my dGPU. If i try to deprioritize my dGPU i can allocate 512mb of space but when i try to chainload it just gives me a blank prompt until i reset. And I cant remember what I did but i managed to allocate 512mb of space and boot up in 256 colors which i think is the "iGPU" taking over. Should i be looking at buying a suitable laptop instead or is there something i can do here?
  7. How are you guys w/ clocks and temps? It seems that I cannot go over +20Mhz/+100MHz/+25mV as I reach 90C... I've been testing temps and stability using OCCT with error checking. I'm on a P157SM.
  8. Just posting a friendly hello! joined today after needing to find the Lenovo Y400 bios mod. Just bought one of these laptops for gaming and have an ultrabay GPU coming in so I don't want this baby gimped when I used it. So glad to see such a great forum to be a part of now!
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