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  1. @Tech Inferno Fan @Tech Inferno Fan So, I did what you said. I used the paperclip method, by disconnecting, the motherboard plug from the exp gdc. Then, attaching a paper clip as shown on the method. By doing this, I was able to power up the gpu when i powered on the PSU by pressing the power button on the PSU,. Proof: So I tried (PSU was turned on, and the GPU was on, fan were spinning before I plugged it in to the computer via HDMI cable): - plugged it in before starting up the computer: Result, same as before, no internal screen but only external. Thus meaning, eGPU gets detected but not the internal gpu and screen. - plugged in in the bios splash screen. Result: No detection - plugged in the windows splash screen. Result: No detection - tried to do it some different ways, in windows, sleep mode. Result: Still no detection In conclusion; Same problem as before, no detection. Btw: I'm on a mini pci-e slot.
  2. @Tech Inferno Fan But, the problem is the methods use the atx motherboard plug, which is connected in the adapter. How will i be able to use the methods and keep it permanently on, when I have to insert it to the eGPU adapter? I might have misunderstood something. The psu i'm using is: http://www.coolermaster.com/powersupply/b-series/b500ver2/ (Which only has 1 motherboard plug) Also, my psu's fan doesn't spin, whilst it on. Maybe that's the reason?
  3. Bump,@nando I've now tried it with different bios versions aswell (Dell Bios from A07, A08, A09, A10, A12, A13, A14, A15, A16, A17, A19), but they all have the same result when i edit the UEFI variables, thus still no internal lcd + iGPU whilst the eGPU is connected. Things i've also tried since last: - Plugged in the eGPU whilst the bios splash logo loads. Result: eGPU fan running at 100%, and not detected in windows. - Plugged in the eGPU whilst the window logo loads & before. Result: eGPU fan running at 100%, and not detected in windows. - Plugged in the eGPU whilst pressing f8, to halt the windows logo: Result: eGPU fan running at 100%, and not detected in windows. - Plugged in the eGPU whilst going to sleep mode in windows. Result: eGPU fan running at 100%, and not detected in windows. - Used the delay switch on the eGPU adapter. Result: Computer shuts down, when the delay is over. In conclusion: - Plugged in the eGPU before powering on the computer. Result: eGPU working, detected in windows, external screen working, drivers working. But, internal lcd is not showing, and internal graphics is not showing either, and not detected in windows. Only the eGPU is detected with its external monitor. So: it's only working when i connect it before i boot up. But then the internal graphics & lcd is disabled. It's like the bios is ignoring the variables, and it doesn't want to force on the internal display.
  4. Here's the problem in reality (Just proof of the concept, i'm saying above): It's abit messy, that's because I haven't built/designed a case for it yet, and will plan to do so once i sort out the internal lcd issues. The screen(TV) is there for testing purposes, as to get a workaround to get the internal working. In the picture you can see that the internal screen is not displaying when the eGPU is plugged in/connected, only works when it's plugged out and when you restart the computer. So indeed something to do with the bios, but I can't figure out how to resolve it.
  5. When you go to the device manager, is the driver fully working? Does it show any errors, like error 43. As the latest Nividia drivers are likely to cause driver errors on the device manager. If you do get the error 43, then refer to this thread: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/10516-error-43-with-nvidia-37290-and-newer-drivers-use-37270/
  6. Thanks for replying @Tech Inferno Fan ! So I've tried to change the UEFI variables accordingly to my Dell latitude e6420, and the bios version (a17) (Even, extracted the IFR file myself from the bios) I used the following in EFI shell: But, the internal lcd is still not appearing, and the integrated graphics isn't working aswell. Thanks, awaiting reply !
  7. @Tech Inferno Fan Many thanks for replying! So I've tried to use the eGPU delay switches, but after the delay is over the PC shuts itself down, until I stop the delay. I also don't know what "hotplugging" is. But, nevertheless I went to the UEFI method, as it's much neater. I've got the EFI shell, and I edited the UEFI variables from the variable list for E6430 as the tutorial. But they don't seem to do anything for me, It's still the same, internal lcd is still not displaying. Maybe it's because the variable list is different for the E6420? How am I supposed to find it for the E6420? Thanks, awaiting reply!
  8. I'd suggest you check your power requirements for your GTX 1050, and if the power supply does indeed cover it, then it will be prefectly fine. + Bump topic
  9. Guys anyone can help me here? Regarding the internal screen.
  10. Forgot to say, I'm using Windows 7 64 bit. @Tech Inferno Fan I see you've got experienced with Latitudes.
  11. Hello! Details of my laptop: Dell Latitude E6420 4GB of ram Intel core i5 Integrated graphics: Intel Graphics The adapter I'm using: Exp GDC V8 The graphics card I'm using: Nvidia GForce GTX 1050. Everything is working, but I've got a problem. Whenever I boot with my graphics card, my internal LCD goes black + undetectable in device manager. But the monitor I've connected to the graphics card gets recognized and works perfectly and becomes the only and primary monitor. I have also installed the drivers for Nvidia, amazingly fine and the graphics card and the adapter is working perfectly. The problem is just that I want to use the internal LCD/screen rather than the external monitor! I have been attempting it for more than few hours, I've also updated the bios. Tl;dr: The internal monitor is just black and undetectable! It's like it's not there! But the external graphics card (gtx 1050) and monitor is working perfectly fine! But when I disconnect the EXP GDC/External graphics card and restart the computer the internal monitor works! I'd appreciate it if anyone can help me ! Thanks, VelcoCity/Craig!
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