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  1. I need some help in changing the Power Table values of my Quadro m4000m. In certain applications the card is throttling. I want to get slightly above the stock 100 Watt. Temperature never goes above 75C. Any changes I tried led to less then 100 Watt. I can´t figure it out. Can anyone help me please? Or tell me at least, that its not possible...
  2. Hello, I installed Xonar´s MSI GT 780 BIOS on my MS1761 1.1 Board (Medion erazer x7815). Any BCLK and any memory changes lead to not posting into BIOS (for BCLK) or ACPI bluescreen in Windows (for Memory). Doesn´t matter how small the changes. Setting back Memory to default doesnt fix the ACPI bluescreen and i have to reset BIOS. Any way to fix this? I flashed a tweaked BIOS on my Quadro m4000m. Works overall but i can´t get the max powerconsumption over 100Watts. I tried some changes but it will just lower the max powerconsumtion. Any way to get max powerconsumption higher? Can´t add BIOS from the m4000m: /var/www/html/IPS/uploads/monthly_2021_04 could not be created. Please contact us for assistance. OK External Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/re5jybry8h8t6dz/m4000m.rar?dl=0
  3. Hey, Maybe try the easiest way with fan control by pherein. But I don't know if u have a fitting model since you didn't mention it.
  4. Hello, I just tried to flash my Medion x7815 (1761) in FreeDOS/AFUDOS with the Whitebook BIOS. It says incompatible. Even tho the file size of the original BIOS is the exact same. 2560KB I would like to share the original one here but: "/var/www/html/IPS/uploads/monthly_2021_04 could not be created." I uploaded it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8z1ncflz9kpmycz/medionoriginal.rom?dl=0 Did I choose the right BIOS or should I try the MSI GT 780/783 one? Since the Medion ist kinda the same just rebranded. BUT the MSI BIOS is 4096KB. thanks in advance
  5. I am in need of some information. I modified my m4000m BIOS with the Maxwell BIOS tweaker and everything works great so far. I have stable clocks with 1.09V at 1318 Core and 2800 Memory. On certain programs it's running into power throttle even tho I added 14% of maximum Power on every option with 100000mw. Is there an additional layer of protection in the Mainboard itself or did I forget something? Today I wanted to flash the mainboard BIOS too. I have a Medion erazer x7815. It is build like the MSI GT 780. Should I take the MSI BIOS or the whitebook BIOS?
  6. Hello, I have an Intel AC-7260 on my Sandy Bridge system (MS 1761 with an i7 2920xm). Back when i purchased the Unit (years ago!) I found a page on Intels homepage where I could see the compatibility with my laptop and the best was the one above. I tried hard but I can´t find this list anymore. I am curious if there is any possibility to upgrade to a better one since then. Thank you!
  7. Hello! I could use my wirelesslan / bluetooth card slot to connect an eGPU. I am not sure tho how many lanes this slot supports. Motherboard is MS 1761 with HM67. My CPU is an i7 2920xm. My graphics card is a quadro m4000m (GTX 970m). Which graphics card would be reasonable to use with my Setup in terms of: using the avaiable lanes (it depends on the Task right?...Im gaming alot and Im rendering stuff from time to time) not beeing bottlenecked to hard on the 2920xm beeing an upgrade to my quadro ? Thank you!
  8. Hello! I want to flash my Medion Erazer x7815 with an unlocked BIOS soon to get my i7 2920xm to his limits. After getting in touch with Pherein fan control for a quieter behaviour at medium temps and getting to know it my CPU never exceeded 80°C on heavy gaming. Stock fan settings were at about 84°C. I am using ThermalGrizzly conductonaut and the CPU is taped ofcourse. Are these normal temperatures or should they be much better? I am curious which BIOS I should be using. For Whitebook or for MSI. I have a Quadro m4000m running on it. The Motherboard is a MS1761. Do i have to look up the exact Revision?
  9. Hey Rotta! It has been since time but there might be others with the same question. I used throttle stop for about 2 years now. Never had any problems disabling bd prochot.
  10. Hello! Recently I wanted to put a new Display on my Medion Erazer x7815 // MSI GT 780. I wanted to get more Hz. As far as I have learned the connector is LVDS and there seem to be no displays with more then 60HZ for that connector. All eDP. I tried to find a kind of adapter from LVDS to eDP because theoretically the bandwidth of LVDS should be enough to exceed 60HZ (at least what I read somewhere...I don't quiet get the calculating myself). So since that failed I nearly gave up until I found out I can just use the Nvidia control panel. I added more and more Hz until I reached 90Hz. I may even be able to push further... But my common sense doesn't let me yet. Which seemed too much for me since it is +50% then stock. I checked ingame movements and browsing with 90Hz tho...It is smoother! Checked frame skipping with a camera...no frameskips! I left it at 75Hz for now until I have some questions answered. Do some parts need cooling when exceeding the stock values by that amount? I have thermal adhesive electrical tape and finding thin metal sheets shouldn't be a problem. I would like to add a picture of a spare display I have got, but i can't sadly. Thanks for the help!
  11. Good Evening! I am in search of an unlocked VBIOS for my Quadro m4000m on my MS1761 Board (Medion Erazer x7815 // MSI GT 780). It needed some modifying of the cooling unit but some cooper sheets from old coolers and some thermal adhesive made it work perfectly. Some years ago I already tried to find solutions to break throu the boundaries of my CPU and GPU. Because the max Temps seemed very good at around 85°C for the CPU and 75°C for the GPU. Today I tried again and found this gem I am posting in right now! @Klem You seem to keep up the good work for years and I hope you can help me with my VBIOS of my M4000M! My Goal is to finetune it with MSI AB into undervolting for small tasks and more batery life and ofcourse overvolting for getting some more power out of it for gaming and rendering. Since I can´t upload it here yet I will wait for an answer until I will try to send you a PM. When I am able to I will upload both Bios here so people get access to it if it is fine. And then im gonna wait until I can download the Xonar unlocked Bios here
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