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  1. misiozol

    Microsoft build conference 2019

    How about u go to hell f.. spammers
  2. Buddy this forum is rather dead , now there is no point of using egpu when you can build micro pc capable of utilizing VR/games for ~200e/$
  3. its truly not hard to type something in google once you have some sort of answer, but all of you prefer just to type and get solution on silver platter :/
  4. try looking for BF1 solution for old driver error
  5. misiozol

    Best PSU for 1070 egpu

    It's dependent upon you gpu power requirements , you can use old ps3/xbox360 power supply or dell power brick that matches plug or any pc power supply .
  6. You can remove one file from system32 and it should work out fine
  7. hi buddy Can you share your dsdt overide file ? how you manage to put 16gb in there while limit is 4gb per slot ? can you share your bios file as well ?
  8. misiozol

    Gt 1030 error43

    try setup 1.35
  9. misiozol

    GTX 1060 error 43 EGPU

    setup 1.35
  10. misiozol

    Setup 1.30 Discussion

    Lots of guides here , try do bit of search .
  11. There are 2 videos on how to from author of setup1.35 they are very helpful
  12. misiozol

    Setup 1.30 Discussion

    write what is your problem how we suppose to help u out m8
  13. He is not owner of software he cant sell it to you , owner is someone else you can buy direct from him for half of that , it's very useful it save me from error 43 on my rig . will report him to admin for copyright !!!
  14. and what this have to implementation guides ?

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