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  1. 4 this to be very portable and fast look any barebone with TB3 google is ur friend here , as far as card best is to get gtx980/TI or if u can afford gtx1080/TI as they have best power usage to frame rate
  2. more info about ur setup
  3. If u get error43 unfortunate as is to get setup 1.35 , as it might resolve issue as it did 4 me
  4. if game crashes it's usually to low amps from psu , usually they over stated amps , look how much amps psu have and remove from it 15-20% that will give u estimate of real life psu power , then count how much ur gpu needs and add more 30% then ur safe, all counted in amps with 12v line only must be in psu specs
  5. Most likely killed all by connecting wrong line of power to GDC , photos please of ur setup .
  6. This could be expensive lesson ouch
  7. try resitting and check all connections
  8. Dell sx280 or Model Number - D220 P-01 Part Number - Type: DA-2 same psu but looks much cleaner than ATX
  9. setup 1.35 solved issue , topic closed .
  10. Successful implementation on HP like in title, had bit of trouble but setup1.35 came with help and lot's of reading as was getting error43, Well now it's working perfect I won't tell how much I did scored in banchmarks as it's irrelevant to me but I will tell u you however what games and what settings are set on them @ 1080P on external display , fallout4: ultra , witcher3: ultra ,dark souls3: max , farcray primal: only high as frame rate drops below comfy lever and i get this crazy flickering otherwise ( I think card is just to slow) , bus usage in all cases is max 80% according to gpu-z . Made as well custom acrylic case as in attached photos, temps. in side do not go over 60*C and fan speed does not go over ~40% according to gpu-z , and when judging case keep in mind that is first time I have made something acrylic
  11. Well i do have error 43 not 12
  12. Is there a link to section how to mod driver ?, as I'm only interested in displaying on external display . Yes bios is modded and fully unlocked , did try to connect it it makes no effect . BTW. thx for replying
  13. So have issue here my setup is win7 x64 HP laptop dv7-2185dx quadcore 2.0ghz Q9000 with integrated radeon hd4650 . So my issue is as follows, have 2 models of exp-gdc beast v8.4d newest and bit older v8.3e both reacting the same with error43 either with mpcie or express card slot. Have older card radeon hd29xx works flawlessly on both of them with expresscard or mpcie NO error43, so I think setup is working with this laptop . When I install GTX980 by MSI getting code 43 Have tried so far, PSU is excluded as have tried 2 different ones Have 2 models of EXP-GDC they react same way so hardware wise they are OK including cables. All sort of nvidia drivers from 344.11 to 372.54 always cleaning with DDU Putting laptop to sleep and waking up Switching selection times Messing with bios all sort of combination as bios is fully unlocked , and brings no effect . Forgot to add that in timer setting set to OFF have a black screen and laptop will not boot up And for any one out there device works flawlessly on dell D630 + gtx980 as just did tested on my old laptop . Is there any modded drivers or any sort of trickery to get this to work on HP ?