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  1. First Build of Anything, Ever...

    If u have akito I presume u have mac with thunderbolt ? akito is self serving from what I know gtx960 is very low end those days , and yes according to akito u can play external monitor or internal with efficiency drop , mac-s are not a best choice for egpu but they seems to be working .
  2. Alienware 18 various mods + eGpu

    If u have option buy gtx980m even if it's second hand , bottleneck is on all cards, u can buy mini wifi card on usb .
  3. No worries m8 , in my case it resolved error43 which was unsolvable otherwise.
  4. Well u can try , but it's more hardware setup related , best bet would be to use new setup1.35 .
  5. Dell e7440 EXP GDC V8 Internal Display

    Update to new setup 1.35 , what have u try in setup1.30 ? as messing around does not say much, once u purchased software have u asked author for support he is very helpful .
  6. Issue there could be, as u have disabled gt720m try to enable it , and tell me what will happen . try to use option second screen only . perhaps card is not detecting connected hdmi
  7. any error code? or just egpu is not detected in devices manager ?
  8. Do not quite follow , u connected hdmi to eGPU and run game on external monitor bu game was running on hd4000 ? that's just not possible if u connect HDMI to eGPU it needs to be screen switched for it to display externally .
  9. Please help me with Error 43 (Code 43)

    Not really helpful as if u have error43 on old driver like 360.00 u will have it on newest as well
  10. Gpuz is showing regular gtx980 OC card has been overclocked with custom bios as well, not much to show there, about benchmarks not done any as was no need everything is working as it should , unless u have any particular in mind then can do one or two
  11. Removing bios chip and programing in external programmer should do the trick
  12. No one will tell u this m8, all egpu setups are experiments on live organism and are different for each laptop , all do setups are quite similar .
  13. clevo p17sm-a 1070 EGPU help.

    All setups are more less same, if ur gpu card have additional power connector it needs to be connected .
  14. egpu hangs with gtx 1060 3gb

    Connection problems on power line make this sort of issues
  15. Game sucks in optimization, that's the way it is , u can't wipe ur ass with broken glass dont u ?

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