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  1. Well any how it's very complex, you will not know if u not try that's specialized software can do miracles
  2. I do not see how it could be @ fault if fans are driven direct by card , first card would die then fans, only option is to check card for fault but that is where warranty comes in
  3. Contact owner of setup1.35 and ask him
  4. So it's warranty claim
  5. Have u try using setup1.35 this is easiest way to resolve lots of issues
  6. Is card not OC ? that's very strange issue , are u able to pull plug from fans without voiding warranty ? if so try to supply them with 5v or 12v
  7. That was quick
  8. If u have ca$h then get gtx1080Ti
  9. No , your laptop must boot first, there is no switch that it will boot b4 laptop only delay in POST is adjustable 0/75/150ms
  10. Have u try read manual
  11. It needs to be connected on boot, just change timing switch on GDC
  12. then share this revelation
  13. H4 bulbs from car , 2 of them should do fine 55+60W and 55+60W , configuration is variable good to have some multimeter as well, any cheap will do
  14. I do think that ur PSUs are garbage , I do have gtx980 and tested 5 or 6 different psu even 24A one, and all have same issue sudden request of power from gpu is treated as short circuit as other circuits have no drain on them and shuts of for a milisec to test this circuit, for GPU this is to much of voltage drop and it sends reset command .
  15. Suggestion I did put , most likely PSU is dying what amps have 12V line in psu ? 350w is total for psu