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  1. setup 1.35
  2. u better of with gtx980 much more bang for buck , and in my opinion dell psu is overrated as have 3 of them and all have died in matter of weeks , now using xbox360 psu .
  3. Yes , now look for error code12 solution , link from above will work perfect for it as well
  4. A one source to find all answers click
  5. Post no.2
  6. Sandy bridge is intel HD graphics
  7. Have u even try to use search option, or r u just to lazy to type few things.
  8. here is explained quite well http://www.owen-lu.com/egpu/
  9. Some update , after multiple PSU failures decided to go with xbox360 PSU it has 16.2A and works perfect for this setup
  10. he's a digger
  11. for it to run on internal screen u need modify driver and works on intel HD internal graphics
  12. Set proper timing. Does bios have a white list ? error43 have nothing to do with it it's driver issue and u might need setup1.35 for it .
  13. Happy to help
  14. Just move games until u have less than 120gb on 320gb drive and samsung software will do rest and yes u can DL or just install software and swap ssd in optical again doooh
  15. there is quite few of them if u have samsung ssd u'll have it on instalation disc it will repartition size of drive according to needs