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  1. [GUIDE] DSDT override to fix error 12

    I have to say all in all that's money well spend
  2. 970m laying around, egpu enclosure?

    To what mate as u ask 3 questions
  3. Setup 1.30 Discussion

    If you have bought from developer it MUST BE 1.35 , he does not do 1.30
  4. error 43 on GTX 960

    with setup 1.35 do compactation of memory , use nan.do video as guide or ask him for support .
  5. M8 that's the way it is , simple TB3 is fastest and easiest option why anyone would want to drill holes in laptop if u have TB3 connection , and with TB3 optical there is no limit to cable length . It's like asking why there is no more GPU's on AGP
  6. Static electricity woes

    Start using fabric softener
  7. Did split open express card interface and made pinout , so all of you having trouble connecting or having issues with wiring here it is , can be used for extending cable or any other purpose if needed .
  8. Split open screen frame and look for part no.
  9. Quite possible as no one knows what is the problem as it's hard to read , have no idea where is problem .
  10. Please help me with Error 43 (Code 43)

    OK thx , in my case works with setup1.35
  11. Please help me with Error 43 (Code 43)

    Any more info on this as it's bit enigmatic , have u bought new one and problem was solved or be cause u have bought new one you had issue ? if so what version was problem free ?
  12. Blackscreen (Dell Inspiron 5759, RX 560)

    Try install win 7 x64 , best on separate hdd so u don't ruin ur data .

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