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2015 15" MBP R9 M370X + GTX970@16Gbps-TB2 (AKiTiO Thunder2) + Win8.1 [Gatsby]

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On ‎2015‎年‎11‎月‎23‎日 at 11:19 AM, wangsterbaiter said:

Gave this a shot on Windows 10. It isn't able to boot into windows after running the script on refind. I eventually got it to boot into safe mode and disabled the dGPU from there. I was able to see my Intel Iris as well. However, I still can't boot with the script enabled so I can't proceed. Going to give it a shot on Win 8.1.


Confirmed working on Windows 10 :)

So I realized I missed a step before running the refind script! After running this https://github.com/0xbb/gpu-switch (I had to run the newest version as the old one wouldn't launch) and then rebooting with the refind script, I was able to detect my Intel Iris and get gpu output on Windows 8 and 10. Thanks for this guide :)

I can't run this file.the bat can't run.no signal of exe file they mention.

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I have a quick question. I also have a 2015 with the m370x. I'm really interested in doing a gtx 970 egpu. What if I don't care to do any nvidia optimus like ability but just want to hook a display to a 970 and boost my performance in windows 10 gaming? Is it basic setup doing that? I see most of the talk seems to be around using the egpu with the built in display. 


If it matters I'm also running the latest amd bootcamp drivers for Windows 10, the 15.301 released as a package update a few days ago, do believe the driver is from Feb though 

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Ok, so I've lurked on the few thread talking about the 2015 15" rMBP with the (damned) Radeon. 

I'm still in doubt regarding the possibility of accelerating the internal display with the eGPU solution. Since I move around a lot, the external display solution is just not working for me. 


And I'm curious about the mbp temperature when running games through an eGPU. I've been able to run Fallout 4 in bootcamp, but the 6500 t/mn fans are just a f**ing pain. 

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Hi Guys, I'm pretty newb with coding as i'm just trying to follow the directions here 

Anyways. I've run into the block where you put into the:

S:\EFI>xcopy /E C:\Users\user name\desktop\apple_set_os.efi S:\EFI\custom\ 

When I type this in I either get invalid numbe of parameter or if i delete the S:\EFI\custom\ it shows as file not found even though i've put this on the desktop

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8 hours ago, MattGarlandUK said:

Thank you so much for this guide!


I have managed to get the GTX 1060 working in Windows 10 on my MBP 15" AMD R9 390x.

I will post details in my own implementation guide soon.

Hi, I also follow this guide to connect my Mbp with r9 to gxt 970 on win 10. But I get code 43 on gtx 970. Could you help me with this? Thanks so much

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hi friends,

I watched this article and it helps a lot.

I did exactly what it said, it showed up both R370X and intel 5200.

Driver of 5200 was set up successfully, but system just can't detected my gtx1080 after rebooting into windows, it still just have two cards which was supposed to have three.

I thought I have finish the hard part and then I was stuck on the fun one.

Do you have any suggestions about this problem?


2015 MBP、akitio thunder2、GTX1080、seasonic 650X

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I will appreciate any help... I have a Macbook Pro 15” mid 2012 with Windows 8.1 installed through Bootcamp. Recently I bought an Akitio Thunder 2 enclosure with a GTX 1050 ti SC and a 120 Watt power supply. I intend to use the eGPU with Windows only as Nvidia’s series 10 doesn’t have support on OS X. At first I had the error code 12 problem but I got rid using a software. The problem I’m confronting now is that I connected a second display (Samsung TV) through the Akitio’s HDMI port and configured it in Nvidia’s control panel as a second display. When I restarted the system, I get both displays (internal and external) showing a black screen with the cursor. Anyone knows how I to fix this?


I’m mostly interested in using the Macbook’s internal display with the eGPU (if possible)  and also would like to know if the Optimus would work with my setup. Will really appreciate any guidance to see if I can finally enjoy some games in my Macbook, thanks.

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