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  1. When trying to execute prr2.exe I get the error that the file cannot be run. When trying to execute fptw.exe I get Error 200: Invalid parameter value specified by user. Use -? option to see help.
  2. When I went to pay, it directly asked me for my credit card information. No t through paypal. Granted that was last month, but idk.
  3. When trying to open any version of fpt, I get an error that says this can't run on windows. I remember trying this before and I didnt' have so much of a problem. Thanks for all the work though. When trying to run the x64 version it starts, but then closes after typing everything. I had to update windows to get .net framework 4.5, I remember trying the files before and not having this problem.
  4. Hey guys. I have been lucking for a while. I code mainly in Java, and C++, not so much now as before. Not sure how this whole promotion thing works. The 6 dollars isn't so much a problem; however, you guys don't allow paypal. The interwebs is a scary place. I was mostly looking at bios mods for my laptop.
  5. I was planning on doing this too. Of course the files are a problem. Can anyone confirm that the files are actually there? If I do decide to upgrade, which I probably will.... I don't wanna just waste 6 bucks. I will do some more research into any problems people have had... By reading all 86 pages of this forum ohh boyy. Also, can anyone confirm the "Killer" wireless cards are working well after the mod. Also, if I'm gonna pay 6 bucks is there any other actual useful stuff that a common casual gamer would use.
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