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  1. I don't know if I'm posting this in the right section and I've tried searching the forum. Anyways, since the Razer Blade Stealth only has 2 cores CPU and it seems to run quite well with its Razer Core, I'm wondering what is the difference in performance between 2 cores vs 4 cores for an eGPU setup. The reason I'm asking is because I'm looking to buy a laptop but still not sure about getting an ultrabook (Spectre x360 Kaby Lake or XPS 13 Kaby Lake) or a 4 cores CPU laptop (XPS 15 or something else). I'm fully aware that it also depends on the game but just asking for an estimate. Any insight is welcome! (P/s: English is not my first language so please pardon any mistakes.)
  2. could you check and see if the GTX 960m is the fault here? waiting for your answer so i decide to get an external screen or not.
  3. i dont think you need to change any preference for HDMI to work. try restart > refind > choose windows > plug in the egpu the moment you see the spinning wheel (remember the monitor must be connected to the card first and PSU is on). IDK if this will help but worth a shot
  4. I didn't see my iGPU so skipped the intel graphic driver part and went straight to disable the R9 and install driver for the external card
  5. 1) nah (at least i didn't have to and it worked just fine. I assume it just copying the same files to the same location) 2) SIP is Apple's System Integrity Protection. Without deactivating it, you won't be able to install refind in Mac OSX. Here: http://osxdaily.com/2015/10/05/disable-rootless-system-integrity-protection-mac-os-x/
  6. i also had this problem. I installed it through Mac OSX and it works. just disable SIP and install the package from the refind website. Restart and you'll get refind page. Then get to windows and recopy the apple_set_os file. then follow Gatsby's instruction
  7. For me, I just bended the Akitio case to connect the card directly to the board (eliminating any possibilities of error while using a riser). The open chases gives a lot of open air for the card to cool itself so i just left it out without making any case for it (not planning to move it anywhere so i don't see the point of it beside protection and look cleaner). Also there is option to buy a PSU switch thingy, which might becomes quite handy if you don't want to reach out to the PSU itself to turn it off. But again, i don't see the point of spending money on that
  8. remember those with AMD R9 M370X will have to do extra steps to make the laptop recognize the 3rd graphic card just like Gastby did. I'd recommend buying a PSU Jump Starter Bridge instead of doing the paper clip trick (works the same but just more secured) And of course just like Dschijin said, use 1 PSU to power your whole system and avoid using riser if you can. [also plug the monitor to the GPU :D]
  9. Goodluck with your setup. Mine was worthy because I got the card so cheap lol. Let me know if you need help. The procedure is quite straightforward just like how Gatsby posted.
  10. Well for the case of HD 7990, you won't be able to use the internal display because the R9 M370X powers it [Intel's won't power it when another GPU is on]. Just disable the R9 M370X and the next time you boot, the display will only be the external (HD 7990 case). To my experience, for Nvidia you don't have to disable (must set the primary display to external - powered by the GTX); for AMD you will have to disable it because conflict between same display drivers and it will choose the internal before the external. Modifying the driver is also the way to update the driver for the external GPUs along with Crimson. Without it, you can't install both because the driver itself only shows that you're using the R9 M370X and there's no update for it >> no Crimson >> old driver for your card. If you don't want Crimson then just modifying only the display driver and update it through Device Manager. IF you only want the Crimson control panel then just modify the InstallManager.CFG (no need for further steps listed in that link -- at least I didn't have to), that only tricks it into install the new control panel. Then I'd recommend modify the display driver file that comes with the new driver packet (the same one that you use to modify the InstallManager.INF) to update the external through Device Manager. I'd still recommend using Nvidia cards for obvious reasons lol
  11. well I have the same MBPr with R9 M370X. I've tried both with a GTX 570 and [currently] using a HD 7990 (dual GPUs); and here are my thoughts: + choose GTX if you want an easy set up because it's a separate driver, and you can enable the R9 along with the GTX to extend the external display to internal display. The reason I'd do this because since the retina screen is so much better (in my case), the drag-and-drop method works. Playing games on a retina screen is much better even though full screen won't work, only for window and borderless mode. + using the HD 7990 caused me a lot of troubles. As you know there will be 2 separated drivers in the machine and Bootcamp Catalyst driver is dated (april last year i believe). BUT there are ways you can trick the GPUs to accept the new drivers by modifying the display driver inf file that go along with the new AMD driver. Same goes for Crimson installation because if you just run the setup, it will only shows as M370X and there will be an error as "There is no AMD hardware detected" or "No driver compatible". I managed to make some changes to the new driver file and succeeded in installing the new Crimson control panel [the one comes with bootcamp is Catalyst and can't be updated] AND updating both new drivers for 2 GPUs (feb 2016). To sum up, if you don't mind going through a lot of troubles and trials then go with the AMD. Personally I think it was worth my time because I learnt quite lot (but also got frustrated a lot lol). But as always, Nvidia driver is far superior and game support is amazing. I got the HD 7990 for only $150 so I went that way Anyways: Nvidia for a pretty straight up setup just like in Gatsby's guide; AMD is you want to go on an adventure
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