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  1. I'm sorry for being a noob, but there is so much information regarding the eGPU topic that its getting mind boggling to take it all in. My question is, i have a MBP with the AMD M370x, I'm interested in doing an eGPU (obviously why I'm here) with either a GTX 970 or a comparable AMD card. My understanding is this automate script is focused around Nvidia cards, which Im fine with that. Is my MBP's dedicated AMD GPU gonna put a hamper on the setup of this in OS X? Please forgive my noobness, I'm def no noob to PC building and knowledge of components and assembly but eGPU is a new thing for me.
  2. I have a quick question. I also have a 2015 with the m370x. I'm really interested in doing a gtx 970 egpu. What if I don't care to do any nvidia optimus like ability but just want to hook a display to a 970 and boost my performance in windows 10 gaming? Is it basic setup doing that? I see most of the talk seems to be around using the egpu with the built in display. If it matters I'm also running the latest amd bootcamp drivers for Windows 10, the 15.301 released as a package update a few days ago, do believe the driver is from Feb though
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