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  1. I wondered if I can use my eGpu with my internal display on OS X ? I have a 2015 Macbook Pro with m370x.If it can , can I do it with a version without m370x? If it still can't,can I use my eGpu to rendering my AE without output any images?
  2. thanks for reply,but not because of this.last page there is an instruction about another file that needed in win10.quite simple
  3. I have done the software work,it's pretty disgusting to enable so much things. But if you have done it, after that is extremely simple
  4. I'm wondering why after boot the apple_set_os.efi then boot my windows,I got a flash blue screen and restart to refind. everything are working except this step
  5. Hey,we've got the same thing to do!I haven't bought my 980TI yet but now I'm doing my software works to enable my iGPU in windows10.Seems you need to enter the safe mode after run the apple_os-set.efi to get the iGPU working then back to windows to get 980ti work correctly.Otherwise you will get a blue flash screen then reboot to refind.But DX12is available soon and seems can use both AMD and NVIDIA graphic card in the same time.I'm not pretty sure these steps are needed at that time.
  6. I did actually install the rEFInd in windows10 and used apple_set_os.efi,I can see it while I boot my rEFInd and it flashed and back to refind.According to the instructions,now I should simply boot in windows and get my HD5200.But all I got is a blue screen and automaticlly restart and back to refind.then without boot the apple_set_os.efi,I can boot in Windows 10 but I can't see HD5200.I don't know why at all.It should't be that
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